10 Iconic Bollywood Characters Who Need To Meet In A Film NOW!

Bollywood has given us some pretty entertaining characters that have been etched into our memories. In some cases, these characters have grown bigger than the films. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could see such iconic characters meet on-screen?

Sounds good? Here’s a list of some Bollywood characters who’d set the screen on fire together-

Munna bhai (Munna Bhai MBBS) and Ali Khan (Dhoom)

Imagine the 2 taporis becoming friends and going on misadventures together. Ali as Munna’s sidekick is a blockbuster movie just waiting to happen!

Baburao (Hera Pheri) and Meeta (Hasee Toh Phasee)

Here’s the deal: Baburao gets pissed really easily and Meeta pisses people off very easily. A single conversation between these two will easily be the most hilarious thing ever!

Crime Master GoGo (Andaaz Apna Apna) and Majnu Bhai (Welcome)

Two adorable gangsters who excel at comedy and aren’t really as scary as a villain should be. Their meeting would be a perfect ‘How not be a gangsta 101’ laughter-riot.

Geet meets Rani

Being the talkative extrovert Geet is, she’s probably take Rani out and teach her how to partaaayy. Also, Jab Geet met Rani would be an amazing movie, right?

Viru Sahastrabuddhe and Dean Asthana

You know you want to see Virus and Dr. Asthana battle it out! Virus and Dr. Asthana giving a lecture together with Munna and Rancho in the class? Take.My.Money.