Goldberg destroys Brock Lesnar in 84 seconds at the WWE Survivor Series

WWE legend Goldberg shows Brock 'Beast Incarnate' Lesnar exactly who's the boss at the Survivor Series held at Air Canada Centre in Toronto

The Survivor Series was one of the most anticipated events in 2016 that was predicted to take the entire WWE fraternity by storm, and it did. An exciting and thrilling lineup of fights between Team RAW and Team SMACKDOWN already had fans drooling, the Survivor Series did not fail to live up to its reputation, it was simply amazing. The hype around the event was also because WWE veteran Goldberg returned to action after 12 years since his official retirement to clash against the dangerous Brock Lesnar.

The Survivor Series’ mega match where the action-packed fantasy warfare became real, the result of which shocked the entire WWE network and fans worldwide. The encounter between two athletes who stands out for their ‘Never-give-up’ attitude was welcomed by fans. Brock Lesnar aka the ‘Beast Incarnate’ made his entrance alongside his manager Paul Heyman. Then, Goldberg entered the stage as ‘GOOOLDBERG, GOOOLDBERG’ chants echoed around the Air Canada Centre where the Toronto crowd had been patiently waiting for this specific moment, the return of yet another WWE legend.

The fight started with a stare and glare between the two WWE superstars in the centre of the stage which made the fans go wild. Brock Lesnar made the first move as he lifted the veteran contender up and charged with him to the corner of the ring, Goldberg immediately responded by pushing Lesnar to the ground much to the surprise of the Beast, as he tried to contemplate his own strength against that of his opponent. Just then as Lesnar got up to his feet to resume the bout, Goldberg speared him down but did not try to pin him down, and then as everyone was trying to process the extravaganza, Goldberg waited, Lesnar managed to stand up only to be speared again. Paul Heyman who was standing ringside supporting his client was stunned and bewildered at what was happenening in front of his own eyes. Goldberg then finished Lesnar off, by giving him a taste of his finishing move the famous Jackhammer.

The game was done and dusted. Goldberg had destroyed Brock Lesnar within minutes to emerge as the champion, it took him 84 seconds to be exact. As Brock Lesnar lied motionless at the centre of the ring, Goldberg celebrated with his family who was cheering him on from the ringside stands. Yes, this happened today, let’s just all breathe for the moment, it will seriously take some time to get used to this.