When 'Godji' Sachin Tendulkar was concerned about his 'image' and trolled Sehwag on Twitter

Virender Sehwag gets to see what it's like on the other side of the trolls as Sachin Tendulkar takes him on

Sachin Tendulkar made Virender Sehwag feel what it means to be on the other side of the trolls. Both the openers opened the sweetest of Twitter banter we have seen in a while. Sehwag posted a photo of himself along with Tendulkar as the deadly duo fo World Cricket met in Delhi. However, the picture he posted was a bit blur, to which Tendulkar posted another photo which looked even better. He said had we waited for a while, he would have used a better photograph of the two.

Sehwag has idolised Tendulkar, whether it was his similar batting stance with the legend or keeping up with his straight drives, cover drives or lofted shots over the covers for six. Even when Tendulkar trolled him, he politely let out a witty reply taking the troll in good taste.

Post retirement Sehwag has been a hub of trolls, coming up with one-liners as deadly as his cut shots piercing the field in two. Sehwag’s tweet said, “God ji ke Darshan in Delhi. @sachin_rt”

Only a while after Sachin Tendulkar tweeted back with another photo saying, “Arre @virendersehwag, thodi der ruk jata to yeh photo use karleta 🙂 always a joy to meet you!”.

To this tweet Sehwag said that he has always been in a hurry and referred to him as ‘Godji’ again.

Sachin-Sehwag combo has haunted the bowlers for a decade. Between the two they have scored 4,387 runs in partnerships which made them the seventh highest in ODI till date. Their ODI partnerships include 13 100-plus stands and 18 50-plus stands. Fans still admire their partnership in ICC World Cup 2003 quarterfinal against Pakistan.