Watch: Australian speedster Pat Cummins bowls the worst delivery in the history of Australian cricket!

Pat Cummins did not have any control on that delivery whatsoever as the ball went miles wide off the pitch leaving everyone on the field amused

Australian cricket team has been going through a tough time against Bangladesh in the first Test and that is clearly visible. Their fast bowlers Pat Cummins ended up bowling one of the most bizarre deliveries against Bangladesh batsman Nasir Hossain. It was clearly not Cummins’ intention but the ball came out pretty horrible as it landed beyond the pitch. The ball almost went to the gully fielder.

The bizarre delivery left everyone amused on the field. The batsman, wicketkeeper, slip fielders,] and everyone else was left surprised to see the ball go so wide off the pitch. Their expressions were hilarious including that of umpire Nigel Llong who was confused whether to signal it a wide or a no ball. Llong took his time and signaled no ball as the ball had fallen before the crease mark and was way up in the air before it landed on the ground.

Cummins went on with his job and in order to avoid a similar delivery, he rubbed his hands near the crease to avoid any moisture in his hands. This happened on the first ball of the 67th over of Bangladesh’s innings and it was Cummins’ third spell having bowled 14 overs already.

Cummins bowled well with the new ball in the first innings taking three wickets which included top order batsman Soumya Sarkar, Imrul Kayes and Sabbir Rahman. He got the wickets of Kayes and Rahman in consecutive balls, dismissing them for a duck.

Cummins did well with the bat as well as scoring 25 crucial runs from 90 balls in the first innings. He got Australia the breakthrough they needed by getting the wicket of Tamim Iqbal. He will be looking to take a few more wickets as Bangladesh are hoping to take a substantial lead in the second innings and strengthen their chances to win the first Test.