Watch: Abdul Baba Rahman scores funny own goal in Bundesliga, joins the distinguished league

One of the biggest embarrassment for a player in football is scoring own goals. No matter how encouraging the captain and the fellow players are, an own goal is like a burden on the player. See Abdul Baba Rahman’s own goal for instance. The player, who was loaned from Chelsea to play for Schalke, scored a super-funny own goal.

Abdul Baba Rahman was infact trying to defend the goal post.  Nuremberg striker Tobias Kempe hit the ball towards Rahman and the other defender. The left back tried to kick the ball to safety. Abdul Baba Rahman came in between and hit the own goal accidentally. Despite Baba’s error, his team still won the match 3-2.

Rahman was signed by Chelsea for five years for an undisclosed amount. It was reported that the player was sold for 14 million pounds. He was loaned to Schalke to play in Bundesliga. According to the reports, the move was taken after he failed to impress Chelsea manager Antonia Conte.

Though, it would be disheartening for the player, he can find solace in the fact that many other stars have scored own goals in their career. Some of the own goals even led to the loss of their teams. Dutch legend Robin Van Persie scored an own goal while playing for his national side Netherlands. He was playing against Czech Republic when he committed the mistake. He even scored a goal in that match.

There are many other instances in which players scored own goals and goals against the other team in the match. Jordi Alba scored a goal and an own goal when Deportiva was playing against Barcelona in La Liga 2012/2013.

Troy Deeney was playing for Watford against Manchester United in 2015/2016. He scored the only goal for his side. But then scored an own goal. His side lost the match 1-2.

Sven Bender also had this embarrassing moment in his career. He was playing for Dortmund against Augsburg in Bundesliga when he scored a goal and an own goal.

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Photo: YouTube/Notelicioux