Watch: Aamir Khan reveals his favourite 'Sachin Tendulkar moment' before 'Sachin- A Billion Dreams' release and it's not his batting!

Aamir Khan's Twitter video message for Sachin Tendulkar's biopic, 'Sachin- A Billion Dreams' will show you how big a fan he is of the 'God of Cricket'

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is no different when he talks about the ‘God of Cricket’ Sachin Tendulkar. More than a friend, he is a fan of Sachin and with his movie, ‘Sachin- A Billion Dreams’ coming up, ‘The Perfectionist’ shares his favourite ‘Sachin’ moment as he simultaneously wishes the ‘Master Blaster’ luck ahead of the release of his biopic on May 26, 2017.

Well, we all know the kind of bond the two superstars coming from different walks of life. The proof of that is that Aamir took to Twitter which he rarely uses to post a video of himself revealing his favourite ‘Sachin’ moment to date. We were all surprised by Aamir’s revelation and we guess you would be too.

It was not one of his inning or one of his 100 centuries that Sachin scored in his two-decade long career that had the most impact on Aamir. It was not one of his bowling performance where he turned the match with his wrist spin but the way he reacted to his movie based on a cricket match with the English in his Oscar-nominated movie, Lagaan.

So, the story is from when Sachin showed up at one of the screenings of Lagaan. Being a cricket fan and a symbol of the game in the nation, he was very much involved with the cricket match that takes place in the movie later on. As the English lose a wicket after a long while when a specially abled character/player Bhura squares up the English opener and rattles the stumps.

Aamir noticed Sachin’s reaction as he jumped from his seat and cheered like fans do in the stadium as soon as the first wicket fell. According to Aamir, that moment got etched in his memory forever and is till date his favourite Sachin moment.