If Virat Kohli wants to dominate cricket, he should listen what Sachin has to say

Sachin was all praises for the younger lot

India are currently playing their 500th Test in the presence of legends of cricket. BCCI has invited Test captains to commemorate the special occasion. God also visited Kanpur’s Greenpark.

Yes, you have got it right. The God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar is in Kanpur to celebrate the event and bless the mortal souls.

Tendulkar also turned up to watch the first day of the Test match between India and New Zealand.

Former cricketer and commentator Ravi Shastri caught up with the legend of legends for BCCI TV. And the Master Blaster opined about the future of Indian cricket.

Tendulkar told Shastri that it was a great occasion for the country as they were playing their 500th Test match. He expressed contentment as he was being able to leave some impression on the younger generation.

Sachin had played a number of memorable matches in Kanpur. However, two were his favourites.

Sachin said his favourite match in Kanpur was against Australia in 1998.


His second favourite match was against South Africa in 1997.

Talking about India’s future, Sachin was all praises for the younger lot.

“India have a fabulous combination. The best part about Indian team is that the players are young. They will play for 8-10 years together. That’s why they can dominate,”he told Shastri.

“They have the fire power and the balance is really nice. If the players keep themselves fit, Indian cricket has a bright future,” he advised.

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