Video: Don't mess with Neymar, goofy Suarez learns it a hard way

Luis Suarez antics rile Neymar and then...

We all know that Luis Suarez is a character on and off field. He keeps on entertaining fans and teammates. However, some of his antics don’t go down well with the players, but fans like that also. Take this video as example. The Uruguay star is playing for FC Barcelona. As they were gearing up for a crucial encounter with Manchester City, Suarez found a lighter moment. Though, it didn’t go down well for another star in the galaxy of stars that is Barcelona. He messed up with none other than Brazilian star Neymar Junior.

During training before the match, Neymar put the ball down and was tying his shoe laces. He had put his foot on the ball while doing so. Suarez found an opportunity to be mischievous. He kicked the ball away. Neymar lost his balance and was visibly upset with goofy Suarez.

But, later Neymar avenged the treatment meted out to him as he kicked him lightly. Don’t worry fans, all they did to each other is a friendly gesture.

In another video, Luis Suarez showed his perfect control of the ball. He perfectly controlled a football even as the ball was thrown down from a crane. The height of the crane was 35 meters. The video was done for Adidas. Another Barcelona star Lionel Messy was also present in the video.