Vegetable vendor with 45 gold medals in World Karate Championships asks for government's help — Watch Video

Jameel Khan took up the sport at the age of 15 and since then hasn't looked back, though he did not get the recognition he deserved for his achievements

Jameel Khan, a sportsperson with a galore of medals to his name in martial arts is struggling to make ends meet. Jameel was a vegetable vendor but his menial job did not stop him from winning 73 medals in World Karate Championships including 45 gold, 12 silver and 16 bronze medals. Jameel has a room full of trophies, medals and other achievements, the product of his 12-year-long career. The martial arts player made India proud in Championships against USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Despite all his achievements, he has not got any help from the Telangana state government so far. Now, he is asking for government’s help to open an academy to train players and bring medals for India in the sport he has excelled in.

Jameel lives in Telangana and makes a living for himself by training students in Safdaria Girls High School in HumayuMehdipatnam. The player has not yet received financial aid from the state government. The Telangana resident has 20 members in his family and struggles to bring food to the table. His family had to change homes as they were unable to pay rent at times.

He is highly disappointed with the Telangana state government. In an interview with ANI, he said, “Mere jaise sportsperson ko milne ke liye KCR (K Chandrashekhar Rao) sahab ke paas time nahi hai, fir normal log ko kya milte kya karte?’ (If K. Chandrashekhar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana does not have the time to meet a sportsperson like me then what normal people have to do to meet him?).

Here’s the video of Jameel Khan’s interview –

Jameel wants recognition for what he has done for the country. His story to become a champion karate player is an inspirational one. From being a pushcart vegetable vendor to bringing glory in a sport which does not receive much recognition in the cricket-crazy country. Jameel also has his name in International Book of World Records. He recently became the first Karate player to be honoured with ‘Karate Ratna’ award in martial arts.