This is why Rohit Sharma is a special player

Rohit Sharma has a knack for scoring big

India will play New Zealand on Thursday in Delhi’s Feroze Shah Kotla ground. The team is playing wonderfully. After defeating New Zealand in Test matches, India also defeated the Kiwis in the first ODI.  Despite playing with a young side, India are still the favourite. India can consolidate their lead with a win. This match is really special for opener Rohit Sharma. The player will play his 150th ODI of his career.

Rohit Sharma is a special player from any yardstick one can employ to judge a cricketer’s ability. He is one of the most effortless hitters of the ball. His timing to hit the shot is of superior quality. He has the ability to hit huge sixes out of the ground, and that is a sight to watch. It would seem that he has just caressed the ball with his bat, sending it flying beyond rows and rows of chairs in stands. He holds the record of hitting 16 sixes in an innings, most by any batsman. He is a classy player.

If we look at his career statistics, the numbers are big. Sharma has played 149 ODIs and has scored over 5000 runs. His batting average has been an impressive 42.08 and he has hit 10 centuries and 28 half-centuries. These records cannot be of an ordinary player.

In only 149 matches, Rohit Sharma has achieved many records. He currently holds two world records. He is the highest individual run scorer in the world. He scored 264 runs against Sri Lanka. Before that he had hit a double ton against Australia. He is the only player to have hit two double tons in ODIs.

Rohit Sharma has a knack for scoring big centuries. Have a look at the list of his centuries.
He scored 141 not out against Australia in 2013
He scored 138 against Australia in 2015
He scored 137 runs against Bangladesh in 2015
He scored 150 against South Africa in 2015
He scored 171 not out against Australia in 2016
He scored 209 against Australia in 2013
He scored 264 against Sri Lanka in 2014

This clearly shows that Sharma has the temperament to hit big centuries in ODIs. He doesn’t stop after hitting a century and tries to achieve even better scores. He has shown consistency as to hitting big centuries, and it is the most special thing about him.

In January, had he got time, he would have scored another double-century against Australia. Fans, at least, demand that he scores another ton. Hope he plays many more ODIs and score many more double tons.