This Is The Fastest Asian Woman To Have Cycled Across The Globe

She started preparing for the ride two years ago

A 20-year-old from Pune has achieved the record of being the fastest Asian woman to have cycled around the globe. Vedangi Kulkarni from Pune, travelled 29,000 km in 159 days, on her cycle.

She began her trip from Perth in Australia and achieved the record in Kolkata. Vedangi started the ‘unsupported solo trip’ to tick ‘world tour’ off her bucket list and to communicate with people. The interest in cycling across the globe began when Vedangi went on a solo ride on the Manali-Drass route, which she loved so much, she’s been on the lookout for cycling trips since.

No one accompanied Vedangi for 80 per cent of this route and she travelled with only essential luggage, including cycle tools, camping equipment and clothing. She’s currently pursuing a degree in sports management and started preparing for the ride two years ago.