Tennis Player Jonas Björkman Takes 'Neymar Challenge' During A Wimbledon Match — Watch

The ball is in Neymar's court now, pun intended!

The Internet found a new target in Neymar Jr, whose “rolling incident” has unleashed a treasure trove of memes in this World cup season. After “the roll” made its way into smartphone games, tagging each other for the ‘Neymar Challenge’ has become the latest fad with people rolling on the floor, mocking the Paris Saint-Germain football club (PSG) F.C. player.

Closer home, even Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal was compared to Neymar, as he was seen rolling on the field after a ball hit his right knee. While Chahal may not have ‘pulled a Neymar’, Swedish tennis player Jonas Björkman did. That too, during a Wimbledon match.

During the third round of senior doubles match Björkman was hit by Todd Woodbridge on his back. The Swedish player fell on the ground and then rolled a couple of times on both sides. Seeing this, Mansour Bahrahmi hopped over the net and decided to give mock-CPR to the 46-year-old.

This amused the audience as people burst out laughing, upon realising that he was doing the Neymar roll.

However, this wasn’t the only highlight of the match. Bahrahmi played a few return shots on his knees. The 62-year-old assured the audience of entertainment during the doubles clash.

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The “Neymar roll” became a popular meme after the £198million man crushed hopes of Brazil taking the World Cup home in a match against Belgium earlier this month. According to a report, Neymar has spent more than 14 minutes on the field faking injuries during the FIFA WC 2018. The image of the 26-year-old has been tarnished as it has taken the focus off his footballing skills as people call out his flair for antics.