Suresh Raina wants critics to know that he is not the 'thanda' type, aims comeback in the Indian squad

Suresh Raina took help from India's batting legend Sachin Tendulkar in order to fine-tune his technique and make a comeback in the squad

Suresh Raina is raring to make a comeback in the Indian squad. He has been out of the side for almost two years. Raina is working hard on his fitness so that he can be a part of the Virat Kohli-led team which is on a winning streak. Once considered as one of the quickest modern day fielders, he has been struggling to find a berth in the side. He, along with Yuvraj Singh, reportedly failed the Yo-Yo fitness test, hence was not eligible for to be in the Indian squad for limited over series against Sri Lanka. Raina, in a recent interview, got candid and revealed everything, from his social media activities to his sessions with India’s cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Raina had an apt description for his recent social media activities, he told Indian Express, “I just want to tell people that I am working hard and I am not the thanda type. I always believed in hard work. 60% is your hard work and 40% is your luck. Look at Yuvraj, he did the same, he worked very hard and came back. Sachin Tendulkar told me very nice thing other day, sab achha hai, you don’t need to prove anyone. You have done so much, you just need to enjoy your cricket. I always made with high intensity. I know my chance will come”.

The 30-year-old had a few words for his critics as well, he said, “Who am I pleasing? It’s my account, I’m doing all hard work. Sometimes we express things which we want to. It’s my life and I’m enjoying it. I have been exploring so many things in life now. You can’t make everyone happy, sometimes you have to see ke aage kya hai (what’s there in future). Social media is used by everyone now and it’s an important tool. Look at the Indian team, everyone posts selfies. It’s not only me who is active on social media,”

He added, “Recently, I brought a trainer from Holland to Uttar Pradesh so that the youngsters can explore this at an early age because after all they will also play for India one day. I feel if things are fine at the grassroots level than there will be no problem in the future. We came from hostel where in name of fitness we did so many things. Kabhi baltiyaan utha rahe hain, kabhi eenten. (Sometimes we would be lifting buckets of water, sometimes bricks). Sometimes, we would be doing discus-throw, and at times, we would just run. I just want the youngsters to be more professionally trained,”.

The southpaw has been incorporating a few changes in his game as well. He opened up on his meeting with Tendulkar and how it helped him.
I was feeling low in between, so I messaged him one day saying, ‘I want to come to Mumbai. Can you spend some time with me?’ Despite his busy calendar, he spared some time for me. I spent a few days with Sachin paaji, I practised with him for three hours daily. He told me I am batting well, my feet are moving nicely. I’m looking more compact. I saw the videos, my head position is coming nicely.

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Finally, he opened up on the reports of him failing to clear the Yo-Yo fitness test as well. He revealed,
It was all made up by media. If I had failed any test, I would have been told by the board and the trainer. It will be unfair for me to talk about it. For four to five months, I have really worked hard on my fitness. I have lost more than five kilos. My flexibility has improved. You will have to see it on the field, or else you will say I am just talking.

After facing a string of setbacks, Raina recently received a positive news of him being included in the list of top 74 players released by the BCCI.