Stuart Broad breaks Nathan Lyon's helmet with a bouncer but wins hearts with his sportsmanship — WATCH

Nathan Lyon took a serious blow to his head in the first session of Day 4 of the Adelaide pink ball Test

The Ashes are known to be fierce but in the 2017-18 season, it seems like sportsmanship is paramount. Stuart Broad might have sledged the Australians and gave them a few aggressive send-offs but when a ferocious bouncer struck Nathan Lyon on the back of his head, Broad became really concerned. The concern was quite visible on Broad’s face as he walked up to Lyon and checked up on him. The English players standing in the slip positions too asked Lyon if he was doing okay after taking a nasty blow to his head, which also broke the helmet’s grill.

Broad surprised Lyon on the first ball of the 32nd over of Australia’s second innings and the 6th over of Day 4. Broad found Lyon in an awkward position as he tried the duck to the bouncer, swinging in towards him. But Lyon made a big mistake by taking his eyes off the ball. This resulted in the ball hitting him on the back of his head and breaking a part of his helmet.

Here’s the video of the bouncer Lyon survived –

Here’s a different angle –

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Lyon took the blow but was clearly raring to have a crack at Broad on the next ball and that’s exactly what he did. He knew there was another short ball coming. He made room for himself and played the short ball late, guiding it towards third man boundary. The crowd roared in his support as it was an absolute ‘Nice Garry’ moment which has become quite a popular thing attached to the Australian spinner.

He struck another boundary off the fourth ball of the over in the same direction. A total of 10 runs were scored from the over as Lyon took the revenge from Broad for hitting him with a bouncer.

Lyon did a fine job for a Night Watchman, scoring 14 runs from 30 balls. He got out in the next over, getting caught in the 30-yard circle as he tried an over-ambitious shot off James Anderson.

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