Sourav Ganguly's reaction on 'pitch sold' saga is SHOCKING!

This is a must-win game for India because they have already lost the 1st ODI by 6 wickets

After reports of pitch on sale came to light just ahead of the crucial 2nd One Day International between India and New Zealand, former Indian skipper is the first one to react to the damning India Today report. Ganguly says there is no way one can be stopped from entering the pitch. This is a shocking statement because how can you as such an experienced player never got a whiff of it. It till date, was believed that the BCCI rulebook was followed in this regard, that no outsider can have access to the pitch. But, in the India Today video, we clearly see how the undercover reporter walks on the pitch. He even presses his foot on the pitch trying to get a feel of the hardness of the pitch. These are secrets that are not meant to be spilt but it seems it is happening and is rampant.

“I am watching this on TV. I really don’t know what Salgaonkar is trying to say. I don’t think there is any way of stopping people from reaching the pitch. That is an issue in Indian cricket,” claimed Sourav Ganguly according to India Times.

“(At this point) I don’t have much to say on this as I really don’t know what he was trying to do. I don’t know how he can tweak the pitch in one day and prepare it accordingly for a bookie,” further added the President of the Calcutta Association of Bengal (CAB).

Ganguly insisted that he would want to look at the matter before making a comment on the matter, “I don’t know in what context he was saying this was he saying this in haste. Let me go through the matter first,” concluded the Prince of Calcutta.

Meanwhile, the match is underway after New Zealand won the toss and opted to bat first. They have already lost 3 early wickets and are 31 in the 10th over.