Soon to be 'unemployed', Steve Smith takes to baseball to earn money? Watch video

"Batting practice in New York #switchhitter. It seems Steve Smith has crossed the Atlantic in search of greener pastures, he is in NY as his post suggests

Steven Smith is probably the best cricketer in modern times. He also led Rising Pune Supergiant to the brink of winning its debut IPL crown. But, things do not seem to be hunky-dory for arguably the best cricketer in the world. Cricket Australia is facing a long-time rift with players over payments and salaries. It seems the Australian players seeked a hike in their salary structure, but were denied. But what has really caught our eye is the fact that Smith is now become a baseballer or taken to the sport in order to stay in demand if there is a recession. He is trying to figure out options it seems.

As we are hours away from the June 30 deadline for a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Cricket Australia (CA) and the Australian Cricketers Association ((ACA) approaches, with the fate of over 200 Australian cricketers in suspense.

Many cricketers in the past have taken to baseball and golf in order to have a second sport on standby, but here circumstances are way different as the players could really have it going against them. Smith took to his Instagram account and posted a video captioned: “Batting practice in New York #switchhitter. It seems he has crossed the Atlantic in search of greener pastures, he is in New York as his post suggests.

Batting practice in New York #switchhitter

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On Friday, the ACA rejected a revised pay offer from Cricket Australia and in a statement said that the two bodies remain “far apart”.

That’s outta here

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Players have until June 30 to come to an agreement with CA or face not being paid.

All eyes will be on the 30th of June, the players will keep their fingers crossed as their careers are on the line.