Shahid Afridi Has Finally Revealed His Real Age And Now Cricket Record Books Need Some Correction

Shahid Afridi sure knows how to create hype about his autobiography

Shahid Afridi’s age has always been a topic of contention. It also launched a thousand memes way back before memes were a thing.  Over the years, many believed that Afridi is older than he claims to be. Let’s face it, before Aadhar, most parents deemed it judicious to decrease their children’s age to ensure that their child gets more chances to apply for government jobs or a better chance in sports.

Afridi’s latest revelation in his autobiography ‘Game Changer’ about his age ends the debate once and for all. At the same time it confuses us a bit too. “Also, for the record, I was just nineteen, and not sixteen like they claim. I was born in 1975. So, yes, the authorities stated my age incorrectly.”

Afridi claims that he was born in 1975 and 19 years of age when he made his debut. However, he made his debut on October 2, 1996. As far as basic mathematics is concerned, Afridi should have been 21 years old when he made his debut. Maybe he should have used a calculator before writing that down or it is just a typographical error. Nevertheless, it’s confusing.

Currently, Afridi holds the record for youngest batsman to score a century in ODIs. According to the records, he was 16 years and 217 days old when he scored his famous then-fastest century against Sri Lanka in his debut ODI innings.

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If we add 5 years to the destructive batsman’s age,  he 21 when he achieved that feat. That puts him in 30s on the list of youngest ODI centurions. This makes Afghanistan batsman Usman Ghani the youngest ODI centurion (17 years and 242 days).

Afridi also claims that Pakistan officials lied about his age. It is also to be noted that he represented the Pakistan Under-19 team just weeks before his international debut.

If the youngest ODI centurion list is updated, Afridi will be ranked below Indian batsmen Vinod Kambli (21 years, 0 days), Virat Kohli (21 years, 49 days), Yuvraj Singh (21 years, 120 days), Sachin Tendulkar (21 years, 138 days) and Suresh Raina (21 years, 211 days).

However, there is a flip-side to this revelation too. He played his last T20I for Pakistan when he was 43-year-old which makes him one of the oldest players to play international cricket. Also, he is still playing Pakistan Super League (PSL) at the age of 44 and hasn’t revealed his retirement plans yet.

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