Season of SLANG: After Steven Smith, Lionel Messi could face ban post using 'F' word

World Cup qualifier: Reports suggest that Lionel Messi may miss Argentina's next World Cup qualifier against Bolivia for foul-mouthing the linesman

It has been a season of slang for certain. First, we saw Australian skipper and world number 1 batter Steven Smith engaging in foul-mouthing Murali Vijay. Steven Smith, this season has become a serial offender to this act. It was during day 3 of the Dharamsala Test, when Murali Vijay took the catch of Josh Hazlewood and claimed it, only to be overturned later. So if that was the case on the cricketing field, something similar to that happened on the football pitch when Argentina locked horns with Chile in a World Cup qualifier.

So here is what happened: 

Messi scored the only goal in their 1-0 win over Chile, hitting from the spot after referee Sandro Ricci gave a dubious penalty for a push on Angel Di Maria.

But the Barcelona superstar got furious at the linesman Marcelo Van Gasse in the second half, allegedly verbally abusing the official.

There are reports that the star player may miss Argentina’s next World Cup qualifier against Bolivia. If that is the case, it is going to hurt Argentina, big time.

Argentina Football Association vice-president Armando Perez speaking about the grave incident said: “If he behaved out of place, then he should be penalised like any other player.”

Adding further he said, “He should not get a different deal just because he is the best player on the planet. It seems to me that he is in a position to be investigated.”

“Conmebol is asking for all the information. Everything that we know must be passed on,” he concluded.

Please note: The point is we respect these sportsmen, who play it tough, but they need to understand there are millions who look up to them for inspiration and if they behave in a such a manner the promising, upcomig talents will also emulate such things in their arsenal.