Sanjay Manjrekar wants ICC to lift penalty runs over new 'fake fielding rule', uses MS Dhoni's example

Sanjay Manjrekar took Twitter by storm when he urged ICC to revisit the penalty runs over fake fielding, gives a few arguments of his own

Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar is not happy with International Cricket Council (ICC’s) new rule of giving 5 runs as a penalty for ‘fake fielding’. The new rule came into effect on October 1. Queensland cricketer Marnus Labuschagne was the first player because of whom his team had to face a penalty of 5 runs during a game between Queensland Bulls (QLD) vs Cricket Australia XI (CXI). Manjrekar termed the new ICC rule as ‘ridiculous’.

The cricketer-turned-commentator did not mince words while making his point. He explained himself in four tweets:

In the first tweet, he urged ICC to reconsider the rule –

In the second tweet, he supported his statement with this argument –

A journalist, Brian Murgatroyd who is also a broadcaster and an ex-media manager for two national sports bodies & former ICC head of media and communications tried to take on Manjrekar.

Manjrekar quoted Indian wicketkeeper MS Dhoni’s example to support his statement. He did not seem happy with the ‘cheat’ remark. He replied –

The 52-year-old ensured that it was not just a Twitter rant with another post –

Wicketkeepers like Dhoni and Sangakkara have done this in past and tricked the batsman into diving to make it into the crease. It will be interesting to know ICC’s reply to Manjrekar’s letter.

Here is one reference when Sri Lankan cricketing legend fooled the Pakistan batsman Ahmed Shehzad will fake fielding-