'Road Rash' Or Moto2 Race? Rider Romano Fenati Only Gets Two-Race Ban For Fatal Offense

Romano Fenati should rather stick to playing 'Road Rash' than racing on a real race track

Every 90’s kid must have played Road Rash, a racing game where everything was legal — punches, chains, kicks — anything that can be used to get the better of the opponents. However, we have rarely witnessed such deadly actions on a motorcycle race track.

An Italian Moto2 rider shocked the world by grabbing the handbrakes of the opponent rider mid-race during the San Marino Grand Prix on September 9, 2018. Luckily, Stefano Manzi managed to regain his balance quickly, averting a dangerous accident.

Here’s the video of the incident that led to a two-race ban on Fenati along with the termination of the contract by Marinelli Snipers Team:

With this unacceptable act, Fenati not only jeopardised his career but endangered his fellow countryman’s life. Don’t you think this calls for a life ban on someone?

If you think it’s the 22-year-old’s first mistake then you are wrong. In 2015, he was involved in another controversy when he kicked his teammate Niklas Ajo. His reckless behaviour on the track led to a ban in 2016 as well. The VR46 team went on to release him in 2016 saying his repeated behaviour was not in line with the disciplinary rules.

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It is quite established that Fenati is a repeat offender and his apologies hold only little value. So the question arises, do you want a menacing, unsportsmanlike rider like him on the track at first place?