Reggae kings: When Chris Gayle, Shaggy had a ball in Dubai over beer!

The Chris Gayle party just does not seem to have a fullstop. Only the friends and the venue changes. All we hope is such things do not affect his marauder-like game.

Chris Gayle aka ‘World Boss’ loves to party and that is no secret. To add to the fun quotient, fusion singer Shaggy was there to give company to the World Boss.

And this is so expected, when two Jamaicans catch up there is going to be alcohol for sure. That is exactly what we see in the picture uploaded by Chris Gayle on his Instagram handle.

In the picture, we see Gayle and Shaggy holding their respective beer pints. Gayle is looking full of swag and style in his black tee, with a sketch of a tiger.

It seems Gayle is prepping up to roar. He is also sporting a gold chain with a cross symbol. On the other hand we can see Shaggy sporting a greenish sweatshirt teamed with a super cool black cap. The thing that you just cannot miss out in the picture is the gold watch sported by Shaggy. That is for sure a luxe watch.

Gayle, who has a pretty baby in blush now always finds time to party with his near and dear friends.

It is also no secret that Gayle loves to be in Dubai, especially for shopping.

Soon Gayle will be seen sharing the dressing room alongside Kumar Sangakkara in the Pakistan Cricket League for the Karachi Kings.

Me and the boss!! @chrisgayle333 Dubai nuh good again…. #MissLilly

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Recently, Gayle was the third highest scorer in the Caribbean Cricket League but his Bangladesh Premier League performance was of greater relevance, given where the PSL is being played – was ordinary, with 109 runs in five games.