Ravindra Jadeja makes a shocking revelation about MS Dhoni, reveals the number of bikes he owns!

MS Dhoni has been known for his passion for bikes over the years and has a large number of bikes in his garage,little did we know that he had so many

Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja gives a little sneak peak into MS Dhoni’s bike collection as he reveals a large number of bikes he has in his garage. MS Dhoni’s passion for bikes has been known to all but we did not know the number of bikes he had. Well, Dhoni gave Jadeja the tag of ‘Sir’ for a reason. The southpaw has revealed the number of bikes he owns and also leaked the information on how many he has ridden so far. Jadeja has also revealed his favourite bike and shared his experience of riding it. Jadeja owns a Suzuki Hayabusa, a sports bike which every youngster wishes to ride.

In an interview to Times of India, Jadeja said, “Hayabusa is a good bike, but you need to do some exercises of the back to drive it, because you need to bend a lot while driving it.”

Later on he went on to talk about Dhoni as he said, “He has so many bikes that even he doesn’t know about their number. I once asked him: ‘How many bikes do you have. ‘I’ve 43-44 bikes, but I’ve not even driven half of them,”

“Earlier, he must not be getting the time to drive them, but now that he’s retired from Test cricket, he must be getting some time to drive them,” he added.

Dhoni has been seen fulfilling his hobby of going on a ride with people gathering to get a glimpse of him. He has a set of cruisers and sports bike in his collection.

Jadeja is often seen spilling the beans in interviews. In a post-match interview during New Zealand’s tour of India 2016, Jadeja almost used a cuss word, though he kept his calm and covered it up. His video soon went viral and became the butt of jokes on the internet.