Ravi Shastri didn't goof up, idiot it's called a figure of speech!

Shastri may have previously misquoted a few times, however, today at the toss he didn't goof up!

Ravi Shastri, the former Indian cricketer has made a name for himself in the commentary box. He is someone who is not shy of stating quite peculiar remarks such as ‘just what the doctor ordered’, ‘this is a Pressure Cooker situation’, ‘went like a tracer bullet’, ‘as the day progresses, it will get hotter’, and his favourite ‘in the end, Cricket is the ultimate winner’ while commentating.

Shastri while carrying out his field duties at the toss in the 4th One Day International between India and New Zealand in Rachi told Mahendra Singh Dhoni “You have played round the globe, you have played for millions of years…” to which the Indian captain just smiled. While Ravi Shastri had previously misquoted while commentating on Indian veteran spinner Harbhajan Singh by calling him a ‘compulsive hooker’. This time, however, Shastri did not goof up, he just simply used a figure of speech. For those who don’t know what that is, a figure of speech is figurative language in the form of a word or phrase. While Shastri might cliche things sometimes, but at the toss today he did not make a blunder of a remark.

Elsewhere, New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson would have thanked his stars after he finally won the toss today. Having been in India for over a month, it was the first time that Kane Williamson and his company won a toss. As the two captains – MS Dhoni and Kane Williamson walked out in the middle at the Jharkhand States Cricket Association International Cricket Stadium in Ranchi, Williamson’s fortunes changed. Williamson called for Heads as Dhoni tossed the coin and Heads it was. After having lost 6 tosses in a row, Williamson finally had his say. The Kiwis opted to bat first while hosts India were left to chase again.