Meet Rajbir Singh, the Special Olympics gold medalist who is struggling to make ends meet

Rajbir doesn't even remember the fact that he made his country proud by winning two gold medals in 2015

Rajbir Singh, a mentally challenged 20-year-old boy from Ludhiana won two gold medals in cycling at the 2015 Special Olympics held in Los Angeles. When he returned home, the residents of his town welcomed him warmly. The central and state governments announced cash prizes. The Indian government gave Rs 10 lakh to Rajbir’s family.

But today, Sukhbir and his cyclist son are forced to work as labourers. Rajbir can’t even recall that he was the one who brought back two gold medals for his country.

However, all hope is not lost.  A Ludhiana-based NGO called Manukhta Di Sewa, is now helping him Rajbir prepare for Special Olympics 2019, to be held in Abu Dhabi.