Pakistan opener Ayesha Zafar tries to teach pull shot, gets trolled for wrong technique on Facebook | Watch Video

Ayesha Zafar tried to give a tip to her viewers but instead ended up trolling herself for playing the pull shot with wrong technique

Pakistan’s Women Cricket Team have been going through a rough patch in ICC Women’s World Cup having lost 6 out of 6 of their matches and in the bottom spot of the standings table. To make matters worse the Pakistan opener Ayesha Zafar featured in ICC Cricket World Cup’s Facebook page giving ‘#TipOfTheDay’. Zafar was giving the advice on how to play a pull shot which did not go very well with her. Before we look at the comments of Facebook users, let’s take a look at what Zafar had to say.

Zafar said, “I, myself as the opener of Pakistan Women Cricket Team, my tip of the day would be playing the pull shot. How I play the pull shot is I wait for the ball that’s really halfway through (pauses) the pitch and I keep myself really steady, wait for the ball, keep the eye on the ball and just play it on the front.”

Zafar should have described it as a front foot pull shot and that would have been a near-apt description for the shot. But, she called it a pull shot for which she got brutally trolled in the comments on the video. A few tried to take a dig at Pakistan team who have performed poorly in the tournament.

Ayesha Zafar #TipOfTheDayToday’s #TipOfTheDay comes from Pakistan Cricket Team opener Ayesha Zafar – here’s her advice on how to do a pull shot! #WWC17

Posted by ICC Cricket World Cup on Monday, July 10, 2017

While a few were sarcastic in their comments trying to tell her how to play a pull shot while a few said that only Rohit Sharma can play a pull shot on the front foot.

Zafar has played 17 ODIs and 7 T20Is and scored 345 and 72 runs respectively in both formats. Zafar has scored 3 fifties in ODIs which includes one against England.

Though it is a possibility that the 22-year-old got a little nervous in front of the camera and forgot to tell her viewers that the technique is for a front-foot pull shot. In that case, she can be excused.