Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Puneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi Highlights: Pune beat Delhi by 26-21

PKL Season 5, Puneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi live updates: Puneri Paltan will be riding high on their raiders Sheykh and Abolfazl Maghsodlou

It was an all out show from Puneri Paltan who dominated Daband Delhi throughout the match with an exception when the score was 13-13. Pune ended up beating Delhi by 26-21 and registering their second win in Pro Kabaddi League 2017. This win got them to the top of the table. It was a complete failure from Meraz Sheykh who was off the field for the most part of the game, he was warming the benches when Delhi needed the most. Sloppy and over ambitious defending from Delhi who have crucial points in the game. Only Patil was able to put the pressure with his raids for Delhi.

For Pune it was Rajesh and Hooda who raided with rage and got Pune the points that got them on the top of their opponent. Hooda’s all-round play was a joy to watch in the Match 13 of PKL season 5.

22:20 IST Pune win the match by 26-21, rise to the top of the table.

22:19 IST Delhi’s Patil goes for the raid and returns empty-handed. Hooda wastes time and comes back, Pune know they have a lead and not willing to risk the difference. Two more raids yield no points. Patil gets a point in the last raid but that won’t make any difference. The final score is 26-21.

22:16 IST Rajesh goes for the raid but this time he has been put down, he was nearing super 10, good work by Delhi defenders, they get the super tackle, the score is 26-20

22:13 IST Patil has been the lone warrior for Delhi in all the raids, even he fails to get past the defence and misses it by a whisker, he is off the court with score, wait! no he won’t as one of the defender had his foot outside the line. The score is 26-19

22:12 IST Ravi Kumar one more point for him as he throws the player off the court. Sheykh is out again as he goes off owing to another tackle. 26-18 is the score with Pune still leading

22:06 IST Delhi are pulling things back now, gets one point, Patil has done well for the team. 23-18 with Pune still leading, 6 minutes to go.

22:02 IST Hooda gets another successful raid, that was an easy one, he did not have to do much there. One point for Delhi as well. That was followed by no bonus point for Delhi, the score is back to 22-16. 

21:57 IST Sheykh goes for the raid and he is once again out and will be warming the benches. The score is 20-14. Oh wait, that’s the most amazing dash from Delhi defender, comes from behind and throws the raider off the court. The score is 20-15. Deepak gets his 400th point, gets Pune to a substantial lead. 21-16 now.

21:53 IST The review is successful, Delhi gets another point, the score is 13-11. An empty raid from Sheykh. Two empty raids in a row. Supertackel for Delhi, the score is level at 13-13. Hooda is down and Sheykh, amazing tackle there. Sheykh goes for the raid and he has been put down, Pune take a lead once again. Pune get two points on their raid as well, Delhi reduced to just one player. 16-13 with Pune leading, Delhi all out, the score is 19-14. 

21:47 IST Super tackle is on for Delhi, will they get it, NO! give two points trying to chase him down. Delhi get two points in succession, referee takes a review as he is not sure whether the raider has touched two players or not. The score for now is 13-10 with Pune leading.

21:43 IST The second half is underway, empty raid from Pune to start with.


21:39 IST Delhi leak another point, they have been reduced to three players. Sriram gets a point swiftly touching the toe of the toe of the defender. Pune get another point, they are making up for the lost point. At half time the score is 11-7, a rather low scoring game.

21:36 IST Do or die raid for Sheykh, he comes in with full force but was outsmarted by Narwal. The score is 9-6 with Pune leading.

21:35 IST Delhi making a comeback, the raider was pulled back from the line, they have started making amends for their mistakes now, the score is 8-6. 

21:33 IST This is just sloppy work from Delhi players, give away two points in just one raid. They have been reduced to three players. Patil gets a point on raid for Delhi, trying to narrow down the deficit. The score is 8-5

21:29 IST An easy point is given by Delhi, that was irresponsible from Delhi defenders. That was followed by a failed raid from Delhi, the score is 6-3 with Pune dominating their opponent.

21;26 IST Delhi is getting back into the groove, get two points in a row with raids, the score is 4-3

21:23 IST Pune is still ahead of Delhi, they have been able to get just one point whereas Pune has 4. The solid defence of Pune doing the trick.

21:17 IST Puneri Paltan draw first blood, great tackle by them, get the first point. Sandeep Narwal comes up with another tackle, that was a good one, second point. And here comes a successful raid, the score is 3-0, Shinde gets a point.

21:11 IST The teams are out for the second match of the night. Sheykh will be the key player for Delhi.

Dabang Delhi K.C. rode on the fiery raids by Sheykh and Abolfazl Maghsodlou to stage a brilliant come-from-behind win in their opening match against Jaipur Pink Panthers. However, their over-dependence on the Iranian duo was exposed in their next game as debutants Gujarat Fortunegiants managed to clinch victory by keeping the Delhi captain on the sidelines for a significant part of the match. Taking a lot of heart from raider R. Sriram’s performance in the last match, Delhi will look to utilise him to better effect in their game against the Paltan. Their main defenders Nilesh Shinde and Bajirao Hodage also struggled and will look to regain their footing against the Paltan.

The Puneri Paltan defensive combination of Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Girish Maruti Ernak and Narwal managed to keep the prolific raiders from U Mumba quiet for a good part of their opening match and will go into Friday’s match high on confidence. If they can manage to keep the Dabang Delhi K.C. raiders from scoring, then the pressure will be off raiders Hooda and Rajesh Mondal allowing them to play more freely.

Puneri Paltan:

 Defenders: Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Girish Maruti Ernak, Ravi Kumar, Rinku Narwal, Vikas Khatri, Ziaur Rahman.
All-rounders: Sandeep Narwal, Deepak Niwas Hooda, Narender Hooda, Takamitsu Kono.
Raiders: Rajesh Mondal, Akshay Jadhav, Rohit Kumar Choudary, Monu, More GB, Suresh Kumar, Umesh Mhatre