Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer, Australian Open Men's Single Final Highlights

Rafael Nadal is taking on his long-time rival Swiss legend Roger Federer at the Australian Open final on Sunday.

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal is all set to take on his long-time rival Swiss legend Roger Federer at the Australian Open final on Sunday. The 14-time Grand Slam champion will play Federer in a Grand Slam final for the ninth time.

Going by the facts,  Nadal will have the upper hand as he, the 2009 champion, seeded ninth, leads Federer 23-11 in their head-to-head rivalry, and has won their past three meetings in Melbourne, at the semi-final stage in 2012 and 2014 and in 2009 final. In 2014 final, Nadal won 7-6, 6-3, 6-3. He looks confident enough to repeat this.

Nadal looks extremely dangerous and now, after his five-set victory over Grigor Dimitrov, all the more. Nadal has already proved that from the baseline he is king, and the missiles that he launches from there will whiz past the stretched racquet of Federer.

Wherein, Federer, the 35-year-old superstar, who had returned to top-level tennis after a six-month injury lay-off, booked a spot in his 28th Grand Slam final with an inspiring victory over the 2014 title holder and fourth seed  Stan Wawrink 7-5, 6-3, 1-6, 4-6, 6-3 here on Thursday.

Here are the live updates:

Roger Fedrer and Rafael Nadal arrive on RLA for the Australian Open 2017 men’s singles final

The battle starts now!

The toss!

Both the players warming up!

Ready to play! 1st Set

Game 1 goes to Nadal. What a start!
Fedrer shows his class in Game 2. Its now 1-1
Game Nadal. Its now 2-1. Exciting game of tennis is on display.

Federer returns! its 2-2 now.
Nadal takes the lead now, Its 3-2.
Fedrer giving tough fight too, 3-3 now.
Its 4-3, Fedrer takes the lead.

OMG! Fedrer is on fire, he takes the lead to 5-3
Nadal showed his class, and stopped the Fedrer from taking further lead. Its 5-4 now
Fedrer wins the first set in style! score is now 6-4

All Set For 2nd Set

What a start for set 2. Its game Nadal. Score now stands at 1-0.
In a display of best class in tennis, Nadal takes the 2-0 lead. Good start after losing the 1st set.
Again, the game goes to Nadal. Both the players fought hard. Score is now 3-0
The score is now 4-1, Federer fought back.
Roger Federer returns and wins the another game too. Score is now 4-2
Nadal takes the lead. Score now stands at 5-2
Game Fedrer. Score now stands at 5-3

3rd Set Begins

What a rally! but game goes to Federer. Score: 1-0
Federer at his best! Score 2-0
OMG! Federe taks the 3-0 lead

Nadal opens his account in third set. Score is now 3-1.

Fedi just 2 wins away to clinch this set. Can he? Score 4-1
And, its 5-1 now, Nadal struggling in front of veteran tennis star.

Federer thrashed his rival in the 3rd set by 6-1

All set for 4th Set

Nadal is leading the 4th set by 3-1.

Nadal still leading this set by 4-1.

Federer showed some strength. Score now stands at 5-2.

Federer again played a superb rally. Its now 5-3.
Fourth set goes to Nadal. He clinched the set by 6-3

Players ready for 5th set

Nadal takes the lead. Score: 1-0

After the third game, Nadal is leading. Nadal 2, Federer 1.

Nadal does not look in mood to let it go. After the 4th game of the 5th set, Nadal 3, Federer 1.

In the 5th gme, Fedi rocks again. Scores: Nadal 3, Federer 2.

During the sixth game, the spectators be like:

Ooohhh. What a game. What a come back from the Spanish star. Nadal wins it. Score levels. Nadal 3, Federer 3.

Game by game, the excitement level is rising. The heat of the game is rising. After 7th rubber, it’s Federer ahead. Nadal 3, Federer 4.

Nadal boosting up himself to swipe it off.

And it’s Fedi again. 8th game, Federer wins. Nadal 3, Federer 5.

And Federer wins.
Clinches the title by 6-4 3-6 6-1 3-6 6-3