Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas Highlights: Rohit Kumar dominates Thaliavas, Bengaluru win by 32-31

Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas Highlights: Bengaluru Bulls survive Tamil Thalaivas' counter-attack in the second half winning the match by 32-31

Pro Kabaddi League 2017’s Match No.12 between Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas was an action packed one with the former escaping with a win by just one point. Tamil Thalaivas were trailing by a big margin of 8-23 at half time. It was a miraculous comeback from them and a lot of credit goes to Korean player Dong Geon Lee who infused electrifying energy into the game and picked up a few points. Lee’s raids got them back to the match and it went right down the wire.

Though Rohit Kumar held his nerve and got the last raid in his favour getting his team over the line. Rohit also earned the Super 10, he destroyed Tamil Thalaivas in the first game by taking points after points.

Bengaluru Bulls win

21:00 IST No points are given to Tamil Thalaivas, they should be proud of themselves despite losing it by just one point. The final score is Bengaluru Bulls 32 – 31 Tamil Thalaivas

20:58 IST Thalaivas are desperate with less than one minute to go. Prabhajan gets the bonus, no wait! they have taken a review now. They get a technical point as well. Rohit Kumar comes to raid, he makes it count in do or die raid, gets super 10. The clock countdown is on now, they have taken a review or now. They are saying that Rohit has not touched the line. The score now is 32-31

20:55 IST Thalaivas are back in the game, that’s what they think and it all started with Lee. One point for them. On the other hand, Bengaluru are looking to kill the time. Lee raids, he kicks one player and runs back, one more point for him. Raid from Bengaluru Bulls, he is slammed on the ground by the defenders, the score is 31-28, Bengaluru all out

20:51 IST Lee comes to raid for Thalaivas, goes empty-handed, not willing to take any risk. Ajay goes to raid but is just killing time. Tamil coach calls for a time out 31-22

20:47 IST Rohit Kumar comes to raid, he is one point away from Super 10, does not get it, Thalaivas get one one point, the score is 31-22

20:46 IST Rohit Kumar comes to raid, goes back empty-handed. Lee comes to attack, he goes empty-handed as well. One more empty raid, Ajay Thakur has come to raid, one point for Bengaluru as he barely misses out. 31-21

20:44 IST 1 point each for both the teams. Ajay Thakur comes to raid, he is tackled outside the court but it was past the line, 2 points for them. 30-21  is the score now.

20:42 IST Harish Rai comes to raid on his debut, he has been tackled and thrown off the mat, one point for Thalaivas. Lee comes to raid for Tamil, what was supposed to be a supertackle gets Tamil one point. The Bengaluru Bulls are all out now, the score is now 29-18

20:39 IST Ajay Thakur got tackled, super tackle gets Bengaluru two points. Meanwhile, he signals to the referee that his t shirt was held by the Chillar. The refree gives him the green card. 28-13

20:35 IST Meanwhile, Thalaivas’ coach is calm and composed despite the deficit. Dong Geon Lee gets another point backtracking. 26-13

20:34 IST The Korean player gets Thalaivas one point, the question is why didn’t they introduce him earlier? 26-11

20:32 IST Bengaluru Bulls’ review went in vain as they did not get any points but lost the review as well. They pick up two more points, Ajay Thakur was ambushed by the defenders. 25-10

20:30 IST Tamil Thalaivas have come back well and with a positive start post half time. They have picked up two points. 23-10


20:22 IST At half time the score is 23-8

20:21 IST Tamil Thalaivas are trying to get back into the game but Bengaluru Bulls are dominating them, leading by far, the score is 23-8. 

20:17 IST Once again, the Tamil Thalaivas are all out, this is one way traffic folks, the score is 21-5. 

20:11 IST Bengaluru have been dominating the Thalaivas, Rohit Kumar is confident and is destroying the minnows. 13-5

20:09 IST The Thalaivas are all out now, the score is 9-7 as they get the bonus point.

20:07 IST Bengaluru have turned this match in a matter of two raids, the score is 6-2. Rohit Kumar is still the best raider for the side and is testing the Thalaivas, just one away from all out.

20:05 IST So far the game has been nicely poised between Bengaluru Bulls and Tamil Thalaivas, the score is 2-2. 

20:00 IST Bengaluru Bulls win the toss.

19:59 IST The players are in the arena for the match 12 of PKL season 5.

The Thalaivas will be banking on the services of skipper Ajay Thakur and Game One’s star raider K. Prapanjan. The duo will be looking to get the Thalaivas off to a good start and set the tone for their first win in the tournament. They have got Amit Hooda leading the defence in the right corner.

The Bulls will not be looking to make major changes in the side and trust on the winning combination. They will look at this match as an opportunity to have a practice session ahead of the big games to come.

Key players:

Bengaluru Bulls: Rohit Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Ravinder Pal and Mahender Singh.

Tamil Thalaivas: Ajay Thakur, K. Prapanjan, Amit Hooda

Bengaluru Bulls

Defenders: Ravinder Pahal, Amit Sheoran, Kuldeep Singh, Mahender Singh, Pardeep Kandola, Sachin Kumar.

All-rounders: Ashish Kumar Sangwan, Amit, Ankit Sangwan, Preetam Chhillar, Sanjay Shrestha.

Raiders: Rohit Kumar, Gurvinder Singh, Rohit, Ajay Kumar, Harish Naik, Sinotharan Kaneshrajah, Sumit Singh, Sunil Jaipal.

Tamil Thalaivas:

Defenders: Amit Hooda, Anil Kumar, Anil Kumar, C Arun, Darshan J, Mugilan, Muruthu M, Rajesh Manokaran, Sanket Chavan, T Prabhakaran, Vijay Kumar, Vijin Thangadurai

All-rounders: Ananth Kumar, Chan Sik Park, D Pradap, Sujit Maharana,

Raiders: Ajay Thakur, Bhavani Rajput, Dong Geon Lee, K Prapanjan, M Thivakaran, Sarang Arun Deshmukh, Sombir, Vineet Kumar, Waleed Al Hasani