Jharkhand State Cricket Association bowls googly ? Know Marx, politics, mythology intricately to join

You will have to be an expert in politics, mythology, and cricket trivia to be a primary member of the organisation

If one wishes to join a cricket association, what is that he must know. If you think cricket, you are completely wrong. At least, Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) would prove you wrong. You will have to be an expert in politics, mythology, and cricket trivia to be a primary member of the organisation. Very difficult questions were asked by the JSCA in exam paper it gave for basic membership to the association. The applicants were non-cricketers and the entire exercise was done to encourage people from non-cricket background to join the association. This was done in line with Lodha committee’s recommendations to encourage non-cricketer members.

According to the report, 40 questions were asked from them in the 45-minute deadline. The questions were very difficult for a normal person. For instance, the aspirants were asked who Lord Rama’s only sister was? Another question that was asked was which Indian goddess is the counterpart of Greek Athena and Roman Minerva? Another question was who were the three big was of West Indies cricket? Another question was who was the only Indian finance minister to have presented the budget on his birthdays? While you can google the answers, the poor aspirants were not allowed to. And, that showed on their report cards.

According to Indian Express report, 300 got out on duck as they failed to score any marks. The highest marks were 17. 200 could only get three answers right. And, they don’t know whether they passed or fail as no criteria was set for that.

The report said the exam applicants were told that the questions will be on domestic and international cricket. There were to be a few questions on domestic and international sports other than cricket. Some general knowledge questions were to be asked. But, the question asked were anything but general.

The JCSA says the questions were not tough and if one read newspapers daily than he could have answered easily. Which British governor-general set up Indian School of Mines? If you think you read this somewhere in newspaper, you are the right candidate for JCSA.