Irfan Pathan's perfect reply to trolls who called her wife 'un-Islamic', gets massive support on Twitter including his brother

Irfan Pathan surprisingly did not lash out at trolls targeted at his wife Safa Baig, instead, he used his sarcasm to shut them up

Irfan Pathan’s wife Safa Baig was shamed for wearing nail paint and showing her hands in a Facebook post. Soon enough the post went viral as the people started applying ‘moral policing’ on Pathan’s wife. The photo was termed as ‘un-Islamic’ by many who felt that wearing nail paint and showing her arms was inappropriate according to the religion. There was much outrage on social media against the people who commented on the Facebook post, people questioned their belief and how a nail paint can pose a threat to one’s religion.

Pathan found the perfect way to get back at the trolls on Twitter using the same photo. He posted, “kuch to log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna but always #love #travel”. He tweeted this on July 17.

Later on, when the issue got worse Pathan kept his calm and once against used sarcasm to its best effect. This time he posted it with a photo in which he has placed two fingers on his lips. Pathan took a selfie of himself with a caption, “I repeat if there is more love than hate I think we are doing alright #spreadlove”.

Pathan seemed to handle the cheap comments quite well as he did not lash out at the trolls but slew them with his kindness. His brother Yusuf Pathan too retweeted the tweet supporting his family.

The 32-year-old kept his cool after a few horrendous comments for him and her wife as a few Facebook users had the audacity to ask him not to post any pictures with his wife on social media.

Pathan’s tweet got over 500 tweets and was liked by thousands. His message is to spread love among people and not hate and that’s why he is winning hearts, I know it’s a cliched line but it applies on the Indian all-rounder.