Watch: This spectacular catch from Suresh Raina will give you lifetime goosebumps

This superhuman reflexes from Suresh Raina has just sent a warning to The Flash

This is purely phenomenal. One just really can’t figure out how Suresh Raina does what he does. The tiny athletic cricketer has got the reflexes of a superhuman, the one who can pull a catch out of nowhere. This catch is just an epitome of the spectacular fielding that he brings into play each time he sets his foot on the playground, raising the bar with every catch-of-the-match.

It was the third ball of the very first over into the battle between Gujarat Lions and the Rising Pune Supergiants. Praveen Kumar, the right-handed pacer, pitched a good length delivery outside the off stump. Ajinkya Rahane tried to work it down the third man, but the ball bounced a little more than he had anticipated and caught the edge of the bat. And then, something supernatural happened.

Captain Raina caught a blinder at the wide first slip. The ball was travelling fast and quick and had almost crossed the slip, but Raina wouldn’t let it to. He was wrong-footed and went back and stretched out his left hand. The ball stuck to his hand as if it were a magnet. The impact was so strong that Raina went rolling back. But Praveen Kumar and team were grinning. And that was all that mattered.