Watch: Delhi Daredevils acknowledges GROUNDSMEN in this video

IPL 2017: Officer's Choice Blue decided to recognise and acknowledge them. The video starts, everyone is sleeping, the groundsman comes to the field

Cricket is a game where players, umpires are important, but there are people who do everything from behind the screens but do not get recognised, they are the groundsman. Groundsmen are the most important people in a way as they prepare the pitch and the outfield for a fascinating game to take place.

Some grounds have groundsmen who have created a niche for themselves, but most of them do not get recognised and that is sad because they prepare the pitch under immense heat and the heavy roller really breaks your back in a way.

They stay behind the scenes and do all the toil thus, here comes a tribute to all of them through a video which was posted on the official Facebook page of the Delhi Daredevils. The video starts by saying when everyone is sleeping, the groundsman comes to the field, to provide nourishment to the playing area, so that there is a good game. If you have ever tried pulling a roller, you would realise how though it is. They sweat but do their job as there is a big game that has to be played and they do know that.

The dust on the ground affects them but that does not deter them from doing the work at hand. The playing surface is very important and they do it all. This is why it is a great move by Officer’s Choice Blue to recognise them, to boost their morale and egg them on to perform better. This video is bound to inspire groundsmen to prepare better pitches in the future so that fans get full worth of their money.