Watch: MS Dhoni does it again, this time Sunil Narine gets on the receiving end of 'thug-life' run out!

MS Dhoni is a trickster behind the stumps and he gave another example of a marvelous run out in his typical fashion in IPL

How many times MS Dhoni has done it, just when the team needs a wicket, the maverick did his little trick and pulls off a spectacular run out. This time around it is the sensational anti-opener Sunil Narine from Kolkata Knight Riders who got a taste of Dhoni’s patent ‘thug-life’ run out. It was a crucial wicket as well as Narine has been a part of KKR skipper Gautam Gambhir’s gamble as the Caribbean scores at a brisk rate in the powerplay overs.

It was the third over of KKR’s innings as they were chasing a total of 183 set up by Rising Pune Supergiant in their home ground. Washington Sundar was bowling his first over in the innings and Gautam Gambhir was on strike. Gambhir was itching to get Narine on strike as a part of his gameplan but it backfired.

                                                Watch the full video of MS Dhoni’s run out here

Gambhir played the ball towards short fine leg and pushed for a quick single on the third ball of the over. It was Shardul Thakur who was fielding at that end, he dived and threw the ball in one quick motion towards striker’s end trying to stop a single. But, the throw was a bit off-target and that’s when Dhoni magic happened.

Dhoni got in front of the stumps in his typical fashion and turned the trajectory of the ball towards the stumps. Narine did not know that Dhoni has pulled off his little trick as he was dragging his bat towards the crease. The ball hit the stumps as always and the bails went off straight away.

The on-field Umpire referred it upstairs but we all know that Dhoni is a maverick behind the stumps and is counted as one of the wicketkeepers in the world for a reason. The replay showed that Narine was well short of the crease by 6 inches. Hence, Dhoni pulled off another sensational run out in IPL.

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