Watch: Meet the 19-year old who has made Virat Kohli his FAN!

Indian Premier League: In 2015, Royal Challengers Bangalore bought Sarfaraz Khan for Rs. 50 lakhs, and he soon became the youngest player to play in the IPL

Sarfaraz Naushad Khan is all of 19 and he has seen it all, almost! From faking his age to becoming the youngest to play Indian Premier League, he has had one ‘helluva’ ride and he is not done yet. Hailing from the western city of Mumbai, he was fortunate to have many such cricketers he could idolise, from the Gavaskars to the Tendulkars. Well, he niched his own style. The small-frame Mumbaikar first shot to limelight after he scored a marathon 439 in an inter-school match.

That soon saw him get drafted into the U19 national team, where he performed exceedingly well.  In 2015, Royal Challengers Bangalore bought him for Rs. 50 lakhs, and he soon became the youngest player to play in the IPL. A year later, Sarfaraz finished as the second-highest run-scorer in the Under-19 World Cup in Bangladesh, with 355 runs from six matches, often rescuing India from faltering starts. Sarfaraz left Mumbai for Uttar Pradesh in the 2015-16 domestic season.

Sarfaraz has a long, bright and a promising future ahead of him but with news pouring in, we believe that he may not be a part of the team due to an injury. But we will be praying for the early recovery of the young man from Mumbai. There was a time he was chucked out of the BCCI academy because he had faked his age, that is so very common in this part of the world.