KRK crosses all his limits, calls Virat Kohli a 'MONKEY', the reason will leave you fuming in anger!

Kamaal Rashid Khan recently blamed Virat Kohli for Royal Challengers Bangalore's poor run in the tournament terming him an arrogant 'Aashiq'

Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK once again leaves Royal Challengers Bangalore and Team India’s skipper Virat Kohli’s fans fuming in anger by calling him a ‘monkey’. KRK recently called Kohli an arrogant ‘Aashiq’ blaming him for RCB’s disappointing run in the tournament having lost 10 games out of 13. But, this time around KRK goes over the line and calls him a ‘monkey’ despite appealing for a legitimate edge off Yusuf Pathan’s bat.

KRK has been recently commenting on cricket as well because of his latest stint with UC News named ‘Masala’ commentary. KRK said in his tweet that, “Umpire must give out if Kohli is saying that Pathan is out, otherwise he will start jumping and abusing on the pitch like a monkey.”

It seems like KRK wants a reply from Kohli or he is trying to get publicity from the recent of series of events. Kohli has been struggling with his form and his team RCB as well.

Kohli appealed furiously as Pathan edged the ball to Kedar Jadhav as he tried to hit the delivery from Yuzvendra Chahal. The leggie Chahal went up straight away appealing to the Umpire in an animated manner.

Chahal was pleading with the Umpire whereas he was shaking his head sideways signaling there was not an edge. Kohli standing in the point fielding position shouted at the highest pitch of his voice as he believed that the ball has taken an inside edge off the bat.

Kohli is not the only target of KRK as he targeting MS Dhoni as well but it backfired as his inning proved to be a match-winning one against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH).