IPL 2017 KKR vs RPS Highlights, Match 41: Rahul Tripathi's 93 single-handedly takes Pune to victory!

Rahul Tripathi starred in Rising Pune Supergiant's win as they beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 4 wickets at their home ground, Eden Gardens

23:23 IST RPS win by 4 wickets at Eden Gardens!

23:23 IST Washington takes a single towards square, Christian on strike. 4 needed off 5 balls! SIX! Christian ends the match with a boundary, Grandhomme could not save KKR in the last over.

23:21 IST Woakes bowls another dot delivery to Sundar, wait, a single taken on that one. RPS need 5 off the last over. RPS 161/6.

23:18 IST WICKET! Tripathi c (sub) Rovamnn Powell b Woakes 93(52)

23:18 IST Woakes comes to bowl, Tripathi takes a single coming down the ground. Christian pulls the ball for a single towards square leg. A dot ball from Woakes, Tripathi could not get bat on that. 6 from 9 balls. OUT! Here’s the wicket KKR were looking for. Tripathi departs for 93, what an innings from him. RPS 150/6.

23:15 IST Umesh Yadav comes to bowl, he bowls back-to-back dot balls to Christian, trying to frustrate him. Another dot ball, it seems like Tripathi will have to score all the runs here. He takes a single off the fifth ball, gets Tripathi on strike. Tripathi takes  a single off the last ball. RPS 148/5.

23:11 IST Daniel Christian comes to bat, he tries for the sweep, a dot ball to start with. Another dot ball, an attacking field setting from Gambhir. Christian gets off the mark on the third ball, direct hit but he was well into the crease. Tripathi on strike. a dot ball as he defends the ball towards point. SIX! Tripathi releases the pressure, he means serious business today.

23:07 IST WICKET! Dhoni c Jackson b Kuldeep 5(9)

23:06 IST Umesh Yadav comes to bowl, Dhoni takes a single off the first ball. Tripathi on strike, he is not looking to play big shots, another dot ball. Dhoni takes another single, gives Tripathi the strike yet again. Tripathi goes for the slog, misses the ball, he is batting on 84. Tripathi turns the ball away for a single towards square leg. Another single to end the over. RPS 139/4.

23:02 IST Kuldeep Yadav continues, Dhoni to face his first ball. He faces three two dot balls. Just three singles from the over, Dhoni retains strike. RPS 134/4.

22:58 IST Tripathi plays the rest of the deliveries defending it, Narine shows a glimmer of hope. RPS 131/4.

22:57 IST WICKET! Stokes c and b Narine 14(15)

22:57 IST Tripathi takes a single off the first ball, Stokes on strike. A dot ball to follow as Stokes is trying to hit boundaries. WICKET! Stokes gone, Narine gets his first wicket of the game.

22:53 IST Kuldeep continues, Stokes takes a single towards long on. SIX! Tripathi hits the ball over deep midwicket, that was a clean hit from the opener. SIX! Here’s another one, this is even bigger, what a shot from Tripathi. SIX! Tripathi goes for another slog, barely goes over the line. A single off the last ball of the over. RPS 130/3.

22:48 IST Narine continues, Stokes takes a single off the first ball. FOUR! Tripathi hits the ball towards deep midwicket, beats Woakes who puts in a dive, another boundary for him. A stumping chance on the next ball, Jackson appeals but the replay clearly shows that he survives. Tripathi takes a single off the next ball. Stokes turns the ball for a couple of runs towards square leg, good running between the wickets. A single to end the over. RPS 110/3.

22:43 IST Kuldeep Yadav comes to bowl, Stokes takes a single off the first ball, gets Tripathi on strike. He plays the ball into the gap, takes a comfortable couple of runs. He plays the next ball with soft hands, takes a single. Stokes on strike, he defends on the front foot, a dot ball. Stokes tries to cut the ball away on the back foot, another dot ball. He succeeds in taking a single towards covers, RPS 101/3.

22:40 IST Narine continues, Stokes on strike, FOUR! That was a reverse-sweep from Stokes, it seems like he is carrying on from where he left off. He takes a single off the next ball, Tripathi on strike. Tripathi takes a single after playing a dot ball, he has slowed down a bit after reaching his half-century. Stokes defends the next one on the back foot. A single off the last ball, RPS 96/3.

22:37 IST Ben Stokes comes to bat, the hero of the previous game. Stokes takes a single off the first ball towards square leg. That was down the leg side, brushes the thigh pad, a dot ball. Two more dot balls to follow, RPS 89/3.

22:31 IST WICKET! Tiwary b Woakes 8(9)

22:30 IST Sunil Narine comes to bowl, Tiwary on strike, FOUR! He plays the ball fine, a deft touch to find his first boundary of the innings. Tiwary takes a single towards square leg. Tripathi on strike, takes the bottom edge, just a single taken. Tiwary too takes a single, gets Tripathi on strike. A dot ball from Narine, FOUR! Tripathi plays the scoop shot, gets to his FIFTY from 23 balls! RPS 88/2.

22:26 IST Chris Woakes continues, he will look to slow down the run rate. Tiwary on strike, he takes a single off the second ball. Tripathi guides the next ball towards the third man takes a single. A bouncer from Woakes to Tiwary, he lets it go, a dot ball. Edged but the ball fell short of slip fielder, Tiwary takes a single. An inswinger to Tripathi, a dot ball to finish off the over. RPS 77/2.

22:22 IST Coulter-Nile continues, WIDE! Manoj Tiwary comes to bat but Tripathi is taking strike. The first one was down the leg side. Two dot balls to follow as KKR bowler is trying to put pressure. FOUR! And that’s how Tripathi releases the pressure, lifts the ball over midwicket for a boundary. FOUR! Tripathi finds the gap this time as he comes down the ground and plays it between cover and point fielders. An inside edge of the bat on the next ball as Coulter-Nile bowls a slower ball. 11 runs from the over already. FOUR! A boundary to end the powerplay overs, he moves on to 47 with that boundary. RPS 74/2.

22:15 IST WICKET! Smith b Woakes 9(9)

22:15 IST Chris Woakes comes to bat, will he give KKR a much-needed breakthrough. SIX! Smith hits the ball over long on, a clean hit from a straight bat, first maximum for the RPS skipper. Inside edge but it goes towards fine leg, a single taken. FOUR! Good cricketing shot from Tripathi, he is just unstoppable now, another boundary. He takes a single off the next ball towards square leg, Smith on strike. OUT! Woakes knocks over the stumps, Smith goes for a shot over covers but misses the ball by a mile, big wicket for KKR. RPS 59/2.

22:11 IST Umesh Yadav comes to bowl, Smith comes down the track, FOUR! That ball goes past the keeper, four byes signaled by the Umpire. He takes a single off the next ball. Next ball, a single off the pads, the Umpire says leg byes. SIX! Here’s another clean hit off the short ball, a maximum over square leg boundary, Tripathi on fire. FOUR! Oh boy, this is just frustrating for KKR bowlers, another boundary to end the over. RPS 47/1.

22:07 IST Coulter-Nile continues, Tripathi on strike, a huge lbw appeal from KKR fielders, but the Umpire says no. FOUR! That’s a perfect reply from Tripathi, punches the ball past covers for a boundary. WIDE! That was going down the leg side, Coulter-Nile under pressure. A dot ball to follow, good comeback from Coulter-Nile. SIX! That’s an impressive shot from the youngster, a maximum over covers, I must tell you, this guy has got a bright future. FOUR! This time he plays a beautiful on drive, another boundary for him. FOUR! Here’s the pull of the short ball, Tripathihumiliatedlated Coutler-Nile in this over, 21 from it. RPS 30/1.

22:02 RPS skipper Steven Smith comes to bat, he plays two dot balls, a brilliant over from Umesh comes to an end. RPS 11/1.

21:59 IST WICKET! Rahane c Jackson b Umesh Yadav 11(9)

21:59 IST Umesh Yadav comes to bowl, he starts off with two dot balls to Rahane, Umesh is creating problems for the RPS opener. FOUR! That shot had sheer timing on it, a boundary square of the wicket. Edged and caught! RPS 11/1.

21:56 IST Nathan Coulter-Nile starts off well, bowls a dot delivery to start with. FOUR! Here’s the first boundary of the innings, goes to the ropes as it takes an edge off the bat. Just a couple of runs and a single off the first over, 7 from it. RPS 7/0.

21:50 IST Ajinkya Rahane and Rahul Tripathi come out to open the innings for RPS.

21:40 IST RPS need 156 to beat KKR in their own home ground.

21:38 IST Umesh Yadav comes to bat, he takes a single off the first ball he faces. Suryakumar too tries to go past the short third man, could manage just a single. A loopy full toss from, just a single off the last ball.

21:35 IST WICKET! Coulter-Nile c Sundar b Stokes 6(5)

21:33 IST Unadkat to bowl the 19th over, FOUR! Suryakumar just helps the ball on his way over fine leg, a boundary to start the over with. FOUR! Suryakumar hits a boundary over covers, second one for him in the over. SIX! Suryakumar hits a maximum, cheeky from him, this is what KKR need now. He takes a single off the next ball, coming over the wicket. SIX! Stokes-Smith collide at deep midwicket, thankfully no casualties. A dot to end the over as Coulter-Nile could not get bat on that, 21 runs from it. KKR 151/7.

21:26 IST Suryakumar takes a single off the next ball after a wicket. Nathan Coulter-Nile comes to bat, a nasty blow to the helmet. He is in pain straight away. KKR 130/7.

21:23 IST WICKET! Woakes run out (Christian/Smith) 1(3)

21:23 IST Daniel Christian comes to bowl, Suryakumar takes a single off the first ball. Chris Woakes comes to bat, SIX! He hits the ball over square leg boundary, that one hung up in the air, he is the man who can take Kolkata to a big total. Is that a run out? Yes it is. Woakes will depart as he could not make his ground trying to run a double. KKR 129/7.

21:18 IST WICKET! Colin de Grandhomme c Sundar b Undakat 36(19)

21:12 IST Tahir back into the attack, Grandhomme takes a single off the first ball towards mid on, he is yet to play a dot ball. Two more singles as boundaries have been hard to come by. Suryakumar plays the grounded helicopter shot, just for a single. FOUR! That was in the air, just goes over the point fielder for a boundary. A single off the next ball. KKR 119/5.

21:08 IST Grandhomme on strike as he crossed over, FOUR! He times the ball with perfection, punches the ball for a boundary. Grandhomme takes a single towards deep square leg. Grandhomme pulls the slower ball for a single towards square leg. Suryakumar takes a single off the last ball, 7 from it and a wicket. KKR 110/5.

21:04 IST WICKET! Pandey c Rahane b Christian 37(22)

21:03 IST Stokes comes to bowl, FOUR! Grandhomme finds the gap it runs away for a boundary beating the fielder in the deep, he is yet to play a dot ball in his inning. He takes a single off the next ball towards covers. Pandey tries to go for a big shot but no width offered by Stokes, just a single. Grandhomme guides the ball towards the third man for a single. Pandey plays the next one inside the circle, a dot ball. A single off the last ball, KKR 103/4.

20:58 IST Daniel Chrisitan comes to bowl, maybe trying to make up for the dropped catch. He starts off with two dot balls, not giving Pandey any room to work with. FOUR! That is just brilliant batting from Pandey, a deft touch going for a boundary past the third man fielder. He takes a single towards midwicket. Grandhomme tries to guide the ball past the third man, a single taken off that one as Stokes saves a boundary. A dot to end the over. KKR 95/4.

20:55 IST Tahir starts off well as he gives just 3 runs off the first four balls. SIX! Grandhomme goes big, hits the ball over deep midwicket for a boundary, he is showing his worth now. SIX! Here’s another one from Grandhomme, Christian takes the catch but falls on the boundary. KKR 89/4.

20:51 IST Thakur continues, Pandey on strike, FOUR! He just lifted the angled in delivery for a boundary, good shot. FOUR! Grandhomme wanted a single but was sent back, Tiwary tried to hit the stumps but it uprooted the microphone behind it, a boundary through overthrow. FOUR! This is turning out to be an excellent over for KKR. He takes a single off the next delivery. An angled in yorker from Thakur, Grandhomme manages to get his bat down in time, takes a single. Pandey retains strike as he takes a single towards mid-on, 15 from the over. KKR 74/4.

20:47 IST Colin de Grandhomme comes to bat, he takes a single off the first ball towards long on. Pandey takes a single off the second ball. Grandhomme drives the next ball nicely, takes a single towards lon on. Full toss from Tahir, but no damage, just a single to end the over. KKR 59/4.

20:44 IST WICKET! Yusuf Pathan lbw b Tahir 4(9)

20:40 IST Shardul Thakur continues, Pathan on strike, he takes a single off the first ball. A dot ball to follow to Pandey. A short ball from Thakur, Pandey tries to duck it but gets some bat on it, a single taken towards the third man. He pushes the next ball towards covers, a dot ball. Pathan defends the next one, a dot ball from Thakur. A yorker to follow from Thakur, Pathan manages to jam that one out, a single taken. KKR 55/3.

20:36 IST Imran Tahir comes to bowl, his spell will be a crucial one tonight. Pandey takes a quick single on the next delivery towards third man. Pathan on strike, he stops a googly from Tahir. He takes a single off the next ball towards fine leg. SIX! Pandey was waiting for the stock ball and struck it over deep midwicket boundary for a maximum, Smith was just a spectator there. A quicker delivery to end the over, almost got Pandey. KKR 52/3.

20:33 IST Shardul Thakur comes to bowl, Pandey is finding the fielders inside the circle, two dot balls from the over straight away. Pandey takes a single off the next ball, Pathan on strike, he takes a quick single, made his ground barely. Pandey dabs the ball towards fine leg, takes a single towards short fine leg. Last ball of the over, a dot ball to finish off the over. KKR 44/3.

20:29 IST Pathan comes to bat but he is off strike, Pandey takes a single off the last ball, retains strike. KKR 41/3.

20:27 IST WICKET! Gambhir c Sundar b Rahane 24(19)

20:27 IST Sundar continues, Pandey takes a single off the first ball. Gambhir comes down the track and plays the ball in the gap, a couple of runs. FOUR! Gambhir goes inside out, hits the ball over covers for a boundary, a splendid shot from the skipper. SIX! Gambhir goes down the ground, he is shifting the momentum to his side, first maximum of the innings. OUT! Gambhir gone, too ambitious for the skipper, Sundar gets his revenge. KKR 40/3.

20:23 IST Ben Stokes has been introduced into the attack as Pune is trying to get Kolkata under pressure, bowls three dot balls to Gambhir, he is not letting the KKR skipper open his arms or go over the top. Stokes is in good form and will be tough to hit. FOUR! Stokes goes into the crease and hits the ball along the ground towards midwicket boundary, a much-needed one for KKR. FOUR! Just using the pace of the ball and glancing the ball away for a boundary towards fine leg. A dot ball to end the over, 8 from it. KKR 27/2.

20:19 IST WICKET! Sheldon Jackson hit wicket b Sundar 10(9)

20:19 IST Washington Sundar has been introduced into the attack, he starts off with tight line and length, frustrating Gambhir as he is trying to score boundaries in the powerplay overs. The fourth ball was darted onto the pads, he takes a single, leg byes. Jackson on strike now, FOUR! He goes down the ground, a boundary for him, clean hit from the youngster. OUT!

20:15 IST: Unadkat continues, Jackson tries to break free but fails. Jackson makes room and pummels that for FOUR. Two dot balls to follow as Jackson is trying to advance down the track. Jackson takes a single off the next ball. Gambhir on strike for the last ball, he tries to play the ball over point, manages just a single. KKR 14/1.

20:10 IST: Gambhir tickles that for FOUR of Stokes. Gambhir then gets a single and Jackson also picked a single, a risky one at that. KKR 8/1.

20:04 IST WICKET! Narine c and b Unadkat 0(6)

20:04 IST: Gambhir-Narine open for KKR. Unadkat will start proceedings. All set for the first ball. Narine lets the first ball through to the keeper. Narine gets beaten with the next one. Unadkat opts for the slower delivery, Narine misses. An action replay, Narine misses again. Narine OUT, what a start for RPS, maiden-wicket. KKR 0/1.

19:59 IST Gautam Gambhir and Sunil Narine will be opening the batting for KKR once again.

19:55 IST Will Gautam Gambhir take the gamble to open with Sunil Narine once again? Stay tuned for more updates as KKR openers will walk out to bat soon.

19:38 IST Big news from the middle, Robin Uthappa will not be playing tonight, he will be replaced by Suryakumar Yadav.

KKR XI: Sunil Narine, Gautam Gambhir(c), Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Suryakumar Yadav, Sheldon Jackson(wk), Colin de Grandhomme, Chris Woakes, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Kuldeep Yadav, Umesh Yadav

RPS XI: Ajinkya Rahane, Rahul Tripathi, Steven Smith(c), Manoj Tiwary, Ben Stokes, MS Dhoni(wk), Daniel Christian, Washington Sundar, Jaydev Unadkat, Shardul Thakur, Imran Tahir

19:30 IST Steven Smith wins toss, elects to bowl first!


19:25 IST Captains will be walking out for the toss in a while!

19:14 IST RPS will make a change in their bowling lineup if Lockie Ferguson is fit to play the game.

19:04 IST KKR will surely look to bowl first after winning the toss as they have not lost a single match while chasing in this season.

Welcome to inUth’s digital coverage of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017’s Match 41 between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. It is expected to a be a lethal affair as both the teams have performed well in the recent past. RPS are in high spirits having registered an emphatic win against Gujarat Lions (GL) with Ben Stokes scoring his maiden IPL century. His overall performance is crucial for RPS’ success as he has finally started to show the worth of INR 14.5 crore.

Expect a run fest or dominance of fast bowling at Eden Gardens as these are the only two ways the pitch has played so far. RPS will be riding on their recently-found momentum with star all-rounder Stokes performing for them. MS Dhoni too has improved a lot in the season, stitching a partnership when the wickets have fallen early. Rahul Tripathi has done reasonably well the top order. RPS need Ajinkya Rahane and Steven Smith if they are to score big in the first 6 overs.

Whereas RPS are making their way up in the IPL standings, on the other side, KKR are in the second spot and will be looking to seal a spot in the IPL 2017 playoffs and also replace Mumbai Indians from the top. KKR might have a good news coming their way as Chris Lynn has been seen practising in the nets, he suffered a shoulder injury earlier in the season and was one of the star players for the home side.

KKR might make a few changes in the side as they lost their previous match against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Bowling lineup might witness a few changes as David Warner thrashed them left, right and center in the previous game. As far as batting is concerned their skipper Gautam Gambhir and Robin Uthappa have been in fine form in this season. They might continue with Sunil Narine up the order if Lynn does not make a comeback in the side.

Rising Pune Supergiants: Ajinkya Rahane, Rahul Tripathi, Steven Smith(c), Manoj Tiwary, Ben Stokes, MS Dhoni(w), Daniel Christian, Washington Sundar, Jaydev Unadkat, Shardul Thakur, Imran Tahir, Faf du Plessis, Ashok Dinda, Ankush Bains, Rajat Bhatia, Ankit Sharma, Ishwar Pandey, Adam Zampa, Jaskaran Singh, Baba Aparajith, Deepak Chahar, Usman Khawaja, Mayank Agarwal, Rahul Chahar, Lockie Ferguson, Saurabh Kumar, Milind Tandon

Kolkata Knight Riders: Sunil Narine, Gautam Gambhir(c), Robin Uthappa(w), Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Sheldon Jackson, Colin de Grandhomme, Chris Woakes, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Kuldeep Yadav, Umesh Yadav, Andre Russell, Suryakumar Yadav, Piyush Chawla, Shakib Al Hasan, Chris Lynn, Ankit Rajpoot, Trent Boult, Darren Bravo, Rishi Dhawan, Rovman Powell, Ishank Jaggi, Sayan Ghosh, Ramsingh Sanjay Yadav