'For every slap on jawan, kill 100 jihadis', says Gautam Gambhir batting for Kashmir

Indian Premier Laegue 2017, KKR v KXIP: Gautam Gambhir in his Twitter said, "for every slap an Indian soldier faces...at least a 100 jihadi lives

Kolkata Knight Riders captain Gautam Gambhir is not someone who likes to mince words, he says what he feels. We all know that Gautam Gambhir has got strong views on Indio-Pak terror, but his recent statement is the most furious one, literally. Lashing out at the “anti-Indians” who want “azadi”, or freedom debate, he in his Twitter said, “for every slap an Indian soldier faces…at least a 100 jihadi lives.”

We surely have never seen Gautam Gambhir so furious, but it is quite understandable considering the sorry state of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and India over Kashmir. This should not be the scenario but sadly it is and it is hurting a respected citizen like Gautam Gambhir but it is good he is echoing his feeling.

As he batted strongly for Kashmir, Gambhir said “our flag also stands 4: saffron – fire of our anger, white – shroud for jihadis, green – hatred 4 terror.”


“I have the utmost respect for the Indian Army. Their service to the nation and all of us is unmatched. However the recent events have left me with a sense of disappointment. We live in a free country where everyone is entitled to their opinion. If a daughter who lost her father puts up posts about the horrors of war with the intention of achieving peace, she has all the right to. It is not an opportunity for everyone to show how patriotic they are and gang up on her to mock her. She is entitled to her opinion just as every other citizen is. Everyone may or may not agree with it but mocking her for it is despicable,” he said.