IPL 2017: This is how Virender Sehwag resolved a Twitter spat between Hardik and Krunal Pandya

Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya, who have had a prolific run at IPL season 10 till now

Virender Sehwag was one of the first cricketers who did not change his guard in all the three formats of the games. The maverick continues to entertain us off field also with his sharp wit on Twitter. This time, the 38-year-old ended a twitter spat between the Pandya brothers with his pearls of wisdom.

Mumbai Indian all rounders Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya, who have had a prolific run at IPL season 10 till now, were engaged in a Twitter spat on Sunday.

Hardik’s ambiguos tweet that read: “Sometimes in life, people closest to you end up disappointing you the most. Not cool, bro!” stunned everyone.

The reason for Hardik’s tweet was still unclear , however, elder brother Krunal did not take too long to respond, “this shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I am bade bhaiyya for a reason. Let’s not make this a big issue!” he said reming Hardik there is a reason he is his elder brother.

The siblings’ twitter banter caught Sehwag’s eye who ended the spat with his philosohical tweet referring to an old bollywood song.

He tweeted, “Lagta hai,’Baap Bada Na Bhaiyya, Sabse Bada Rupaiyya’ – is gaane ko jyada hi seriously le liya. Lado mat yaar!” His reply to the controversy infact left his fans guessing about the whole matter in the end.

Both Hardik and Krunal have played crucial roles in making Mumbai Indians one of the favourites to clinch the title. Hardik has taken 6 wickets along with scoring 224 runs in 14 matches so far while Krunal has chipped in with 136 runs and 10 wickets in 10 matches.