Here's why Indian women Kabaddi Team won hearts in Iran

For Indian women, being a human first was paramount

For some people, sports is all about competition. For many others, sports is all about playing and playing with the right spirit. Sports is filled with many memories when players chose humanity over cut-throat competition. In the recent Olympic games, a female runner helped an injured competitor on the track instead of going on her way. That was heartening to see.

Indians also play their sports with the right spirits. Take the India vs Iran Kabaddi match for instance. Indians were playing Iranians in the finals of Incheon Asian Games in 2014. The Indian Kabaddi team was the favourites to win. But, for Indian women, being a human first comes first.

It so happened that an Iranian player entered the Indian side for a raid. As she was trying to score a point, Indian players tried to tighten up their hold on the Iranian. They found their opportunity as they pounced on the Iranian. In the meantime, the player’s hijab came off. She was in discomfort as she couldn’t play without her hijab. Indian women could have tackled her. But, instead, they helped her put her hijab back first.

It was a great gesture by the Indian players. They knew that she wouldn’t be able to play properly if she weren’t wearing her hijab. But, the players kept humanity over their urge to win. They eventually won the match and the title. But, they won people’s hearts.

The players were praised for their gesture. Other sportsmen can learn from their sportsmen spirit. They didn’t want to win if their opponent was not in her full form. For them, defeating a player only held good if she was in a position to contest properly. Winning was also important. But, they didn’t want to win like opportunists.  They wanted to win like champions. And they did win like champions. Kudos, girl power!

Courtesy: YouTube/ MMA Videos