Indian Open Super Series 2017 semi-final Highlights: PV Sindhu reaches finals beating South Korean Sung Ji Hyun by 2-1

PV SIndhu got the better of South Korean veteran shuttler Sung Ji Hyun to enter the finals of Indian Open Super Series 2017 against Carolina Marin

With the semi-final ending on a positive note for Indian contingent, we bid you goodbye. We will be back with the coverage of Indian Open Super Series Final 2017. It was a scintillating win for Sindhu as she won the semi-final against South Korea’s Sung Ji Hyun by 21-18, 14-21 and 21-14. She made a perfect comeback after losing the second game as the Korean shuttler looked to attack. It was a great win for Sindhu after a quarter-final clash against Saina Nehwal which she won in two straight games.

It will be a perfect final of the Indian Open Super Series 2017 as Sindhu would look to avenge her Rio Olympics 2016 finals defeat which came in the way of she becoming the first Indian Women to win an Olympic gold medal.

18:46 IST Game, set and match, PV Sindhu wins the semi-finals of Indian Open Super Series 2017!

18:44 IST Late drama into the game again as Hyun tries to comeback into the game, two straight points for her. Score is now 19-14! Match point for Sindhu now, the crowd is delighted!

18:43 IST Sindhu just 2 points away from a win, the body language of Hyun says it all. Indian crowd is already celebrating, 19-12!

18:42 IST Perfect judgement from Sindhu despite a long rally as she lets the shuttle land outside, score 17-11, finals berth  in her grasp now, score 17-11. Some late drama into the game, Hyun gains a point now, 17-12.

18:40 IST A series of net shots with the deftest of touches from Sindhu and it means that she gets closer to victory. Score 16-11 now!

18:39 IST Sindhu’s father cheers her up from stands as she loses another point trying to play a shot diving to her left. A long rally this time and good judgement from Sindhu, she regains the lead, score 15-11.

18:37 IST Too good a smash for Sindhu as Hyun makes a fantastic comeback and narrows down the deficit to 2 points. Sindhu pumps her fist this time, no screams, a smash to regain lead, 13-10 now! Drift comes into play but this time for Sindhu, she gets a four-point lead.

18:35 IST Sindhu screams again, well, you all know that means she gets a point, tries to regain the lead. But Hyun, once again makes a spot-on judgement and lets the ball land outside the court. She plays a drop shot next and Sindhu falls short to hit it, score 12-9!

18:33 IST The sideway drift coming into play as Sindhu lets the shuttle land in, Hyun narrows down the deficit to 5 points, score 11-6! Another point for Hyun, she has brought down the deficit to 4 points.

18:32 IST The last session of the semi-final is underway, and starts off with a long rally, exciting play from both the players but Hyun takes the point. Great effort from both the players.

18:29 IST Sindhu is on fire in this game, she has taken a 6-point lead. Hyun has no idea what hit her in this game, score 11-4! It has been a perfect comeback after losing the second game. Sindhu just 10 points away from entering the final!

18:28 IST This is turning out to be a game where Sindhu has dominated the SOuth Korean shuttler, 8-3 score. Well, Hyun takes a point in an attempt to narrow down the deficit. Two straight points for her as Sindhu could not play a net shot on that occasion.

18:26 IST Sindhu is on fire as PV Sindhu replies back with an absolute deft touches to take a lead by net shot, score 6-2! Her father is watching the match and he is not disappointed as Sindhu extends the lead by 7-2!

18:24 IST The trademark scream is back, she has taken a 4-point lead now, the crowd is delighted. The lead was short-lived as Hyun plays a diagnol shot to take her first point in this game. Sindhu screams again as Hyun gets frustrated for missing out on that one. Score 5-1!

18:22 IST Sindhu takes a 2-point lead straightaway, she has begun the third game with electrifying energy. She extends her lead again, 3-point lead now!

18:20 IST Hyun wins the second game by 21-14, she has devised a game plan which turned out to be too good for Sindhu, will she be able to upset the Indian crowd? Stay tuned to find out!

18:17 IST Hyun takes a 4-point lead, Sindhu could not give a reply to the drop shot. She goes on to extend her lead with a net shot, this set seems to be going in her way. 18-13. She is now 2 points away from taking the game.

18:16 IST Hyun is taking a point here and there but Sindhu is getting desperate to win it in the second set only. Two quick points for Sindhu, narrows down the deficit to 3-point.

18:13 IST A perfect rally and a perfect drop shot to turn it into our away. Both the players are taking a break now to remove the sweat from their body and have a drink, score 10-15.

18:12 IST A glimmer of hope for Sindhu, she narrows down the deficit by one point. But, Hyun this time is not letting off the lead easily, she regains the 6-point lead. Sindhu smashes and this time she gets a point, it is still not over for her in this set. Wait! disheartening for Sindhu fans she makes a mistake once again, score 15-8.

18:09 IST Hyun makes a mistake right away she smashes the ball out of the play and Sindhu narrows down the deficit, she is fired up in the second set. Hyun attacks this time and uses body smash to throw Sindhu off her game, score 12-7! She has not been able to make a comeback, the score is 13-7!

18:07 IST Sindhu looks in trouble this time as Hyun takes a lead of 5 points, this set does not seem to belong to Sindhu as her strategies are not working now. She will continue to fight after a short interval!

18:05 IST Sindhu gets a point once again as she will serve the shuttle next time, the scream is back! She is moving swiftly in the court but hits the shuttle just wide off the line, score 9-6.

18:04 IST For the first time in the second set Hyun takes a 2-point lead, too good of a smash from her as Sindhu could not hit beyond the nets! And a three point lead now, score 8-5.

18:02 IST Hyun narrows down the deficit again with a smash Sindhu could not keep in the court. She levels the score as Sindhu struggles playing close to the nets, score 5-5! Fabulous play from Sindhu but Hyun takes a lead in the second set, score 6-5!

18:00 IST The longest rally of the second set and PV Sindhu had the last laugh as she played it wide off Hyun, she extends her lead again. Hyun regains the service, her coach advices her to attack a little more.

17:58 IST Sindhu takes a lead straight away, she has taken a 2-1 lead, still playing it easy on the nets, score 2-1. Hyun needs to win this set to stay in the game, she equalises, 2-2. Sindhu smashes the shuttle this time and regains the lead, wait, she extends it too, score is 4-2!

17:56 IST The first set belonged to PV Sindhu, she wins the first set of the semi-final clash in a matter of 24 minutes. The second set is underway!

17:54 IST PV Sindhu wins the first set by 21-18, with a smash too powerful for Sung Ji Hyun!

17:53 IST A long rally from Sindhu-Hyun this time, Hyun finally makes a mistake and hits the shuttle out of play. Sindhu needs just 2 points to win the first set. Hyun makes amends as this time she shows aggression coming on the nets and taking a net shot. Sindhu returns the favour and plays a perfect net shot, game point for Sindhu!

17:51 IST Hyun has narrowed Sindhu’s lead to just 1 point, not letting go off the first set easy. Chants of India-India again, cheering Sindhu up, firing her up. She responds to them with her racquet and a perfect smash wide off Hyun, the score is now 18-16.

17:50 IST Hyun is not in a mood to give up but this time Sindhu makes a mistake and gives away a point. Her coach is wearing a poker face look. Sindhu loses out on another point, the first set is still on.

17:48 IST Consecutive points for Hyun, she is trying again, no loss of confidence from her side. The set is still anyone’s at this point of time. That one was followed by a brilliant net shot and the smiles are back on the Indian fans, score 16-13, she extends her lead again, 17-13 now!

17:46 IST Hyun takes a point trying to pave her way back into the match. Sindhu takes the lead again and the scream is back. Chants of Sindhu-Sindhu in the stadium, 4-point lead for her, score reading 15-11!

17:44 IST Hyun gets the first point after the break, Sindhu could not time a net shot on that occasion followed by Sindhu’s smash, she regains 2-point lead. The scream is back, Sindhu gets another point, score 13-10!

17:42 IST Hyun makes a comeback again, she is making Sindhu work hard for a point, long rallies between them, smash after smash and net shot used effectively. Good judgement from Sindhu as the Umpire refuses her challenge. The coach is not happy with that decision.

17:40 IST What a comeback from Sindhu, she is outclassing Hyun now, has taken a lead of two points with score reading 9-7, temparament from Sindhu despite being a young player.

17:39 IST A long rally this time, Sindhu uses her height to best effect, she levels the score soon in the next rally, that one ended soon. She gets the better of Hyun again and this time takes a lead, score 8-7.

17:36 IST She uses her height on that occasion and gets back into the game, tries to narrow down the lead, just 1-point deficit. Wait, another terrific shot from Hyun as Sindhu could not get to that one, score is 7-5!

17:34 IST Hyun extends her lead as the score reaches 5-3. Sindhu is frustrated now, she loses another point as she suffers from a 3-point deficit.

17:33 IST Hyun takes a lead as Sindhu tries to play the net shot but the shuttle lands in her court, score 2-3. The trademark scream is back, she levels again. But, not for long, clever play from Hyun.

17:32 IST Sindhu smashed the next one out of the court, the score is 1-1. Wait, Sindhu smashes again and this one gets her a point. Hyun returns the favour, the score is 2-2

17:30 IST Hyun to take the first serve, the match is underway, the first rally is a longer one, first point for Sindhu.

17:29 IST The last time they met, the game went for one and a half hours, we expect a similar excitement today as well.

17:26 IST The players are out in the court as Sindhu and Ji Hyun are knocking the shuttle around, warming up. Meanwhile, Carolina Marin has made it into the finals of Indian Open Series 2017 final. If Sindhu manages to win this one, it will be one cracker-jack of a final.

17:18 IST The semi-final clash will begin shortly, stay tuned!

Welcome to inUth’s digital coverage of Indian Open Women Singles semi-final between India’s star shuttler PV Sindhu and South Korea’s Sung Ji Hyun. It is a game between two evenly matched opponents as the fight against each other for a berth in the final of the tournament and get their hands on the gold medal. The buzz for this game is nowhere near to the quarter-final clash which Sindhu won  by 21-16 and 22-20 in straight games against veteran shuttler Saina Nehwal.

The Olympic sliver-medallist Sindhu has shown immense resillience in the tournament so far. The way she played in the second set of the quarter-final against Nehwal was commendable and showed the temparament she posseses. She failed Nehwal’s strategy to use body smash to utmost effect.

On the other hand, South Korean shuttler Sung Ji Hyun is in great spirits as well as she entered the semis by beating former World Champion  Ratchanok Intanon from Thailand by similar scores to that of Sindhu (21-16, 22-20).

In the other semi-final Olympic gold-medallist Carolina Marin will go up against Japan’s Akane Yaamaguchi. If Carolina enters the final and Sindhu too wins her semi-final clash, it would make up for a perfect final of Indian Open Super Series 2017 Women Singles final.

This time around the crowd at Siri Fort Complex at Asian Games Village would not chant two names like the quarter-final. Huge numbers are expected to turn up in support of their national champion PV Sindhu who is the only hope in the tournament for Indian contingent.

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