Indian Open Super Series 2017: PV Sindhu beats Saina Nehwal in two straight sets in nail-biting quarter-final battle!

PV Sindhu showed resilience in the second set as she suffered from a 5-point deficit but made a terrific comeback clinching the second set by a whisker

PV Sindhu does it again, as she beats veteran shuttler Saina Nehwal in two straight games to enter the semi-final of Indian Open Series 2017. It would be apt to say that the match was a nail-biter which swung either way in a matter of minutes. The first set belonged to Sindhu as she managed to extend the lead afterwards creating the pressure on Nehwal. Sindhu won the first set by 21-16.

Unlike the first set, Nehwal played with fire as she tried to use body smash to her utmost effect and take a lead of 5 points. Sindhu struggled initially, even her trademark screams had stopped as she was facing a 5-point deficit. But then she showed temperament and paved her way back into the game countering Nehwal’s every move and trying to narrow down the trail.

The last few moments had everyone on the edge of the seats as Sindhu narrowed down the trail point by point. Sindhu used her height to best effect as well. Nehwal too could not figure out as she failed to hold on to the nerves. On the other hand, Sindhu made a terrific comeback in the second set to win in by 22-20 and enter the semi-finals undisputed.

The attendance at the Siri Fort where the game was taking place was impressive as people turned out in large numbers. There were chants of Sindhu-Sindhu and Saina-Saina echoing in the stadium as they witnessed a giving them a worth for their money and time. Nehwal’s strategy to attack Sindhu’s body almost worked in the second session but she was gasping for breath in the later stages of the set.