Indian Open Super Series 2017 quarter-final highlights: PV Sindhu wins the 'Battle of the Queens' beating Saina Nehwal 21-16, 22-20

Catch the live score updates of Olympic medallists PV Sindhu vs Saina Nehwal's All India Open Series 2017 quarter-final clash from Siri Fort

We bid you goodbye, will be back with the semi-final clash of PV Sindhu in the Indian Open Super Series 2017 finals. Sindhu showed resilience today the way she made a comeback in the second set and won the game against the Olympic Bronze medallist shuttler. She showed her why she became a sensation in Rio Olympics 2016 and became the first women Indian atlete to win a silver medal in Olympics!

Game, set and match for PV Sindhu as she wins the quarter-finals by 21-16, 22-20, two straight games against Saina Nehwal! 

19:00 IST Sindhu has done it, she has won the game and with it the set and entered the semis by beating the veteran Saina Nehwal

Game point of Nehwal, she needs just one point to turn the game in her favour, body smash comes effective again. Sindhu gets lucky, service error from Sania followed by another point by Sindhu, she needs just point to win the set and the match with it.

18:57 IST Sindhu just would not give up, a wonderful smash from her, gets Nehwal off-guard. Oh my word, three straight points the score is 19-19 and the trademark scream is back.

18:56 IST The body smash comes to the rescue again, Nehwal has taken a substantial lead now. Sindhu adds another twist to the second set, another point, 19-17!

18:53 IST The crowd is cheering her up now, she answers to the call, the score is now 17-15.

18:53 IST Sindhu is not giving up easily, she played the third point she gained on the trot with a broken  string. Brilliant comeback from Sindhu.

18:51 IST Body smash to Nehwal’s rescue again, regains her 3-point lead. She extends it further with a clever serve.

18:50 IST Sindhu composes herself, no screams on that point, she is coming back into the game. Quality netplay from the next rally, the score is 14-12.

18:49 IST Nehwal at it again, sets up for a perfect smash, the fans roared on that one, she regains her 4-point lead, 14-10!

18:47 IST Sindhu makes a climb in the points section this time as she narrows down the deficit to 3 points, corrects her error of judgement.

18:46 IST Nehwal has a made a comeback in this set, seems like this match will go into the third set. Another error of judgement from Sindhu as she lets that one land in.

18:44 IST Sindhu at it again, a power packed drop shot to the left of Nehwal, she could not reach that one, the deficit is now 2-point. Sindhu tries to hurry on that one, plays a net shot but could not get it through, 3-point deficit again. Nehwal takes a 4-point advantage with a smash and rejuvenates her energy with a banana.

18:43 IST Nehwal smashes the next one across, Sindhu fails to hit that one as it landed on the feathers, takes a 2-point lead again. Sindhu takes a challenge on the next one but loses, the deficit is now 3 points.

18:41 IST Nehwal takes a lead again in probably the longest rally of second set, no screams from Sindhu this time.

18:40 IST Sindhu is trying to get back into the game, she is playing on the nets and then looking for a breakthrough where she can smash the ball and unsettle Nehwal once again. Chants have gotten louder at Siri Fort. Sindhu is getting back into the game with one point deficit.

18:37 IST A fierce battle, long rallies, the second set is having it all, Nehwal is making a strong statement this time. She has taken a two point lead despite Sindhu taking a point.

18:37 IST Nehwal takes a two point lead in the second set, she is playing with a different approach playing to her strengths, not giving Sindhu any room to work the shuttle with.

18:35 IST Sindhu-Nehwal take one point each. Nehwal is filled with fire in this set, she knows what are the stakes here!

Sindhu wins first set 21-16!

18:32 IST Sindhu seals the first set with an amazing smash and her trademark scream, the fans are getting the true worth of their money. A war of the queens indeed!

18:32 IST Nehwal narrows the lead but Sindhu sets her up in the next as she reaches game point. She used net shots to great effect and then drops a smash to unsettle Nehwal.

18:30 IST Both the shuttlers concede one point each, it is going right down to the wire, this game. Crowd is going berserk.

18:29 IST Nehwal makes a comeback again, brilliant drop shots from her, narrowing the lead to 4 points now.

18:28 IST Oh! the longest rally we have seen so far, that consisted all, net shots, smashes but it was an error of judgement on part of Nehwal that made her lose a point.

18:27 IST Sindhu is just extending her lead, Nehwal has been dominated upon today, anther point and Sindhu takes a 6-point lead. Nehwal finally gets a point after 7 points the score is now 16-10, oh wait! Nehwal gets another point, she would not let her go off that easy.

18:25 IST Sindhu using her height to utmost effect, she has taken a lead of 5 points now. Nehwal needs to do something different to get read of the lead now.

Short Interval!

18:23 IST Sindhu extends her lead, she smashes the ball past Saina, she won’t be able to return that one back to her. The score is 11-9

18:22 IST Sindhu extends her lead by scoring 4 straight points, impressive comeback from her. Chants of Saina-Saina in the crowd as she too makes a comeback getting the better of Sindhu in a close game.

18:20 IST Sindhu makes an error of judgement this time around letting the shuttle land inside the line. Next time, she improves and makes a fine judgement to narrow the lead. She uses her height to the best effect and levels the score.

18:18 IST Nehwal scores again as she goes across the body smashing the shuttle past Sindhu.

18:17 IST Nehwal makes a mistake this time giving Sindhu an easy chance to score!

18:17 IST Sindhu is playing close to the nets and that’s what cost her a point, Nehwal is leading by 5-4

18:16 IST Sindhu is shouting with every point in her typical fashion. Nehwal is calm and composed trying to show that she is the veteran here.

18:15 IST Fierce battle between the two as Sindhu uses body smash to turn the game into 2-2, she is fired up today, not leaving any stone unturned.

18:13 IST The first set is underway! Good opening round, Sindhu takes the lead, 1-0!

18:10 IST They are finally in the court, Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu clash is about to begin!

15:21 IST The match will begin shortly, stay tuned!

Welcome to inUth’s coverage of Indian Open Series 2017 quarter-final clash between the two most famous and successful shuttlers of India. The Rio Olympics 2016 silver-medallist PV Sindhu and London Olympics 2012 bronze-medallist Saina Nehwal will go up against each other for a berth in the semi-finals. Both of them registered a win on March 30 to set up an epic clash which will be the highlight of the tournament.

The last time these two shuttlers met in an international game was in 2014 during Syed Modi Grand Prix. On that occasion, veteran Nehwal won the game. But, the last time these two met was earlier in 2017 on January 13 in Premiere Badminton League where Sindhu avenged her defeat beating the veteran shuttler.But, Nehwal had just come out of injury at that time. This time around they are fully fit and rearing to advance in the tournament.

Both the shuttlers had a rather disappointing run in the international circuit. Sindhu and Nehwal could not make it past quarters in the All England Open 2017. Nehwal had a close affair as she missed the semi-final berth by a whisker whereas Sindhu faced a clear defeat. Both the shuttlers have done considerably well in the ongoing tournament so far and this is what makes up for a riveting contest which everyone will have their eyeballs glued to.

How PV Sindhu gears up for the ‘Battle of the Queens’

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How Saina Nehwal gears up for the ‘Battle of the Queens’


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Stay tuned for live updates as the game starts at 1400 IST.