Steve Smith should answer these 5 questions before taking the field!

Steven Smith will also be aware of not getting a brain fade moment, something that hogged the headlines when they were last here

Steven Smith, the Australian cricket captain, has a ton of experience under his cap. Started out as a bowler who could just about hold his ground in front of the wickets to becoming one of the best batsmen in the world, Smith has proved that if you work hard nothing in this world is impossible to achieve. Yet again, he is leading the Australian lineup for the India tour. The last time he was here, the series turned out to be one roller-coaster ride for him. From showing great batsmanship to indulging in sledging and then apologizing, things became murky for Smith the last time around. This time Smith should be wary of the energetic Indian crowds. Steven Smith will also be aware of not getting a brain fade moment, something that hogged the headlines when they were last here.

The Australian media too will be expected to be sensible in their reporting during the series. It was the Australian media which compared Virat Kohli to Donald Trump, something that didn’t make sense at the time and still doesn’t, and rather undermined the credibility of the Australian press. Other factors will also play a role when the two teams take to the field but what the icons from both teams have to keep in mind is that they should not overstep the line and set a bad precedence. It is a gentleman’s sport and should remain that way.

So here are the five questions Steven Smith should answer before taking the field.

Question 1: Have you (Steve Smith) asked all your Australian players not to sledge any of the Indians, especially Virat Kohli? We mean not even gestures. (Maxwell knows it better)

Question 2: Brain fades are not cool. Hopefully, you will not repeat it, or will you? I am sure you have learnt your lesson and you would be, ‘once bitten, twice shy!’

Question 3: Have you spoken to the Australian media before coming to India? We are sure you have. Have you asked them to mind their own business while the series is on?

Question 4: Being aggressive does not equate to sledging, have your fast bowlers learnt that?

Question 5: Will you be able to digest a wrong decision sportingly if given by the umpire, after all, he has the final say? Will you and your colleagues accept it gleefully?

The first ODI will be played at Chennai on September 17 before they move east to Kolkata for the second ODI.