Matthew Wade CURIOUS to know the meaning of this cuss word, 'M**DAR**D'

India vs Australia: Ravindra Jadeja retorts to Wade's foul words by using the big 'M' word. So when he was asked, what he replied still remains a mystery

The drama refuses to douse, we are talking about the latest rage, Matthew Wade-Ravindra Jadeja verbal dual. So, what exactly happened was that during the Dharamsala Test, Australian wicketkeeper Matthew Wade and Indian allrounder got into a banter when India were on the cusp of erasing the trail. Obviously, it happened because Wade wanted to distract the batters attention and get into his mind. The banter was also audio recorded and that went viral, drawing flak from all corners. This has ofcourse been a high-octane series which India won 2-1 to regain the series.

In the video, Ravindra Jadeja retorts to Wade’s foul words by using the big ‘M’ word. So when he was asked, what it meant, his reply still remains a mystery.

So here is what happened:

“If he continues, I will.” Wade, in a humorous way, replies, “Can we do that after the game, please?” Wade continues further and questions, “When are you going to get your sword out?”

It became funny because the Aussie could not to save his life figure out what that meant. We are certain he will now know everything about it before he takes the flight back to Melbourne.

Some cricketing corners in the world have touted this as the most ‘TOXIC’ series ever between the two countries and rightly so, after the brain fade incident and then Steven Smith calling Murali Vijay a ‘cheat’.

This incident that remains our prime focus happened yesterday but these are fresh reports of Wade curious to know what that word meant.