ICC Champions Trophy 2017: When Virender Sehwag treated Ravichandran Ashwin like a ROAD-RAG

ICC Champions Trophy 2017: In the fresh new show 'What the Duck 2' Ravichandran Ashwin spoke about his biggest fear, literally

Virender Sehwag, former Indian batsman was a marauder during his times. Sehwag was one of the most feared batsman across the world. Even after retiring, he is more than active on the social platforms like Twitter and Instagram. In the fresh new show ‘What the Duck 2’ Ravichandran Ashwin spoke about his biggest fear, literally. India is currently defending its ICC Champions Trophy title in England and they have made good progress by defeating Pakistan in their opener. Next they take on Sri Lanka to book a semi final spot for themselves. During the chat show, Ashwin really opened up on Virender Sehwag.

Recalling an incident about Sehwag’s prowess and how he hit him to all corners, Ashwin said,  “He was actually treating me like a road-rag. Like how I would treat a 10 year-old kid, if I was batting against him”

He said, “Sehwag was never complicated. He had a demoralising effect on me actually.”

“There was an incident in Dambulla, where every ball that I bowled, first ball I bowled outside off stump, Sehwag cut me. Next ball I bowled on off stump, he cuts me. Next ball I bowled on middle stump, he cuts me.

“The next ball I bowl on leg stump, he again cuts me. So I said ‘what the hell is happening’. So I just bowled a ball fuller, Sehwag stepped out and slugged me out for a six,” Ashwin said.

That is what got Ashwin perturbed as he was at his wits end.

“So I said to myself either I am just not good enough or this guy is just way too good … which he was. But to the greater Sachin Tendulkar also, I didn’t struggle with bowling so much in the nets too. I was very inquisitive. I observed this for a few days.

“But then I couldn’t hold myself back, I went to him (Sehwag) and asked, ‘so what should I do to improve’. If I had ask to Sachin, he would have given me some tips. If it were MS, he would have given me a perspective,” he said.

But instead Sehwag said that off-spinners are not bowlers.