ICC Champions Trophy 2017: DNA carries blank space on newspaper to boycott India vs Pakistan match coverage

The right corner of the newspaper's front page was left blank has no article. The renowned media group took this step as to support the Indian armed forces as they say terrorism and cricket can't go hand-in-hand

A day after Dr Subhash Chadra owned Zee Media group denied covering the India vs Pakistan match on June 4, one of its English newspaper, DNA, has published a blank page in the June 5 edition to depict the negligence of coverage of the game. The renowned media group took this step as to support the Indian armed forces.

The right corner of the newspaper’s front page was blank as there was no article printed. However, there was a note which said,”This page is dedicated to the soldiers who are guarding our borders and our homeland. DNA stands with them—on the same page & belief that cricket and terror can’t go hand-in-hand.”

DNA news paper cutting

DNA June 5 New Delhi edition’s front page


Also, the Champions Trophy 2017 section on the Zee media website displayed the schedule of the India vs Pakistan game but it didn’t show any result. In addition, the points table alongside says no match was played between India and Pakistan on June 4.

ZEE Media Website

Points Table on ZEE Media Website

Earlier on June 4, Chairman of Essel Group and Rajya Sabha MP, Subhash Chandra, said that the company’s media outlets, including newspapers and newspapers, will not provide any coverage of the ICC Champions Trophy match between India and Pakistan.

“Government made it clear that terror and talks can’t go together then how come terror and cricket can go together,” Chandra took to Twitter and said in a series of tweets.

“Producers stopped casting Pakistan actors, similarly, Pakistan banned our TV programs,” he said, adding that if Afghanistan can stop cricketing ties with Pakistan following the recent Kabul attack, why can India not do the same.

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