How John Cena became a fan of Shah Rukh Khan's 'perspective on life'

Shah Rukh Khan has a new fan

Actor Shah Rukh Khan has many fans across the world. Celebrated author Paulo Coelho had once said that he deserved an Academy Award for his performance in the film My Name is Khan. Now, SRK has found a fan in WWE superstar John Cena.

When WWE superstar John Cena came across a TED Talk of Shah Rukh Khan, he couldn’t stop gushing about it. He took to his official Twitter account and shared the Bollywood superstar’s viral TED interaction where he talks about not taking his superstar status very seriously. Shah Rukh Khan is currently hosting the Indian version of the idea-exchange talk show, Ted Talks. The show goes by the name TED Talks Nayi Soch and the first episode was aired on December 10.

In the video shared by Cena, Shah Rukh spoke at the Ted conference and shared his thoughts on humanity, fame and love.

Here’s Cena’s tweet:

Here’s the tweet:

Soon Shah Rukh came up with a witty response to this unaccepted appreciation, playing on the WWE star’s his famous catchphrase – “You can’t see me”.

Here’s how SRK replied:

The mutual admiration continued with Cena praising Shah Rukh’s ‘perspective of life’. He tweeted,

Shah Rukh Khan is back on the small screen as a host after a long  time. The show he is hosting is based on the format of TED Talk conference in which  people from different fields share their life experiences.