How Dale Steyn Saved A Dog Trapped Inside A Car In Portugal

Aggressive on the field, compassionate off the field

South Africa’s Dale Steyn might have been a nightmare for batsmen in his prime, but in real life he turned out to be a hero, saving a dog trapped inside a car in Porto, Portugal recently. Steyn came across a dog who had been left unattended inside a locked car parked on a busy street. The fast bowler tried contacting the police but they were reluctant to help.

The 35-year-old then decided to take matters into his own hands by posting the video on his Twitter account. He got in touch with the Animal Rescue Portugal on Facebook, ensuring that the pooch is taken care of.

However he did not seem pleased with the owner of the dog

Ferocious on field, Steyn showed compassion for the helpless animal. He was lauded on Twitter for his gesture:

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