HBD Virender Sehwag: Here is why Piers Morgan can't win Twitter troll war

Today is Sehwag's birthday. And, he is even trolling people who have wished him

Piers Morgan must admit this. He can’t really win the troll war he and legend Virender Sehwag have been fighting since Rio Olympics. The reason is that Sehwag is just too good at trolling. We have a burning example to give. But first, it is important to know what is the latest that happened between the two troll warriors.

On Wednesday, naughty Sehwag made a smart swipe at Piers Morgan without even naming him. He tweeted after England was defeated in Kabaddi World Cup by India. India crushed England 69-18 to enter the semifinals. Sehwag didn’t miss the opportunity.

“England loose in a World Cup (sic) again.Only the sport changes.This time it’s Kabaddi. India thrash them 69-18.All the best for semis,” he said in a tweet.

Not knowing what to do, Morgan tried to be mean to Sehwag as he corrected his spelling of ‘loose’.

“It’s ‘lose’,” he tweeted back.

Sehwag didn’t even need to say a word back. His legion of fans trolled Morgan.

“Well, who (sic) better to ask for the spelling of ‘lose’ than an English Cricket Fan,” wrote a Sehwag fan.

“The other “O” is probably (sic) a zero that English sports fraternity stands for..be it football,cricket or anything,” wrote another fan.

Piers Morgan should thank the almighty that it was not Sehwag who replied him back. He is merciless when it comes to trolling. And, if he thinks that he can defeat Sehwag on twitter, Morgan is completely mistaken. And here is the proof.

Today is Sehwag’s birthday. And, he is even trolling people who have wished him. He is replying in a funny way. This clearly implies that he is very versatile when it comes to trolling. One of the biggest qualities of Sehwag’s trolling is that he is funny, not disrespectful or mean.

When Suresh Raina wished him birthday, he replied in a funny way.

“Thank you (sic) Suresh Bahut log kehte hain “Raina hai Tere Dil Mein “.

When legendary Australian bowler Shane Warne sent his wishes on twitter, Sehwag wrote back: “Thank you Warney . The (sic) game of Cricket also misses your magic without any warning.”

When Indian icon Sachin Tendulkar wished him, he thanked him and addressed him as ‘god ji’.

To Hemang Badani, he wrote: “Thank you Hemang (sic) I am singing “Badan pe sitaare lapete huye ” reading your tweet.”


People troll others in situations when they find something funny in the other person. But, Sehwag has this amazing wit. He can troll whenever he wants, whoever he wants. So, Mr Morgan. You just can’t win the war.