Not that funny! Sehwag compares Kohli with 'goli', 'holi', and 'ghagra choli'

If one doesn't call that lame, one has serious deficiency of the sense of humour

Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag on Saturday wished a happy birthday to Indian team’s batting mainstay Virat Kohli. It was expected that Sehwag will do so in his trademark style. And he did not disappoint. However, he was disappointing as far as the fun quotient is concerned. It was repetitive and to say plainly, lame.

Virender Sehwag compared Virat Kohli with ‘hazme ki goli’, ‘rangon ki holi’, and ‘Gujarat me Ghagra Choli’. If one doesn’t call that lame, one has a serious deficiency of the sense of humour. And to end that deficiency, one of the remedies is to stop laughing at all of the Sehwag’s jokes. Laugh only on the jokes that are good.

Sehwag wrote on his twitter account: “Haazme ki Goli, Rangon ki Holi,Gujarat me Ghagra Choli
Aur Batting mein Virat Kohli Poore India ko pasand hai.”

Sehwag has a good sense of homour. He has been very witty on twitter. The way he has been been trolling British journalist Piers Morgan is funny and fresh. Early on, when Sehwag started wishing people on their birthdays by making lame poetry was funny. The content was not funny. It was funny as it was coming from a legend. But, now it sounds just lame.

Here are some other gems by Sehwag that are not funny at all. He wrote to Shane Warne: “Thank you Warney .
The game of Cricket also misses your magic without any warning.”

“Happy Birthday Gyan Baba.
Most popular love story- Ranjha & Heer,
The cleverest bowler ever @ImZaheer .
Heer nahi asli Heera hai Zaheer”

What does this even mean?

India’s Test captain Virat Kohli turned 28 on Saturday. The batting star has had great 2016, scoring runs in all the formats of the game. Many legends wished the legend in the making.